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Compare Tyrone Car Insurance Quotes 

Tyrone is Northern Ireland’s biggest county by area and spans from the east shore of Lough Neah to the Sperrin mountains. If you call Tyrone home, then you may have some questions about how your specific location impacts your car insurance. For example, does living in quieter areas like Clogher offer different rates compared to Omagh? Or can living near Strabane impact your premium? As your local expert in car insurance comparison, understands the unique needs of local NI drivers. So regardless of whether you navigate the roads in Ballygawley or Beragh, we understand that having the right car insurance is paramount. Using brings ease to your search, allowing you to compare quotes from over 100 trusted insurers to find the right policy at the right price.  

Some frequently asked questions on car insurance in Tyrone.  

Local factors specific to a Tyrone postcode:  

How much does car insurance in Tyrone cost, on average? 

The cost of Tyrone car insurance will vary from case to case. This calculation involves considering various factors such as your driving history, age, and location within the county. Within Tyrone itself, there will be variations in cost depending on your specific area. For example, living in a quiet village like Aughnacloy might yield different costs compared to busier towns like Strabane. offers an easy-to-use platform where you can input your details and receive quotes from over 110 insurance providers specific to your unique circumstances.  

Is it cheaper to insure a car in Tyrone than in Belfast? 

Generally, car insurance in Tyrone may offer more competitive rates compared to Belfast. Factors such as local crime rates, traffic density, and the prevalence of insurance claims can influence these variations. It’s advisable to compare quotes no matter your location to determine the most cost-effective option for your specific situation. 

Can I drive my car in the Republic of Ireland with this policy? 

Your UK car insurance automatically provides third-party cover for driving in the Republic of Ireland. However, if you have a fully comprehensive policy in the UK, it doesn’t necessarily extend this comprehensive coverage to Ireland. Therefore, checking your policy details is crucial and you might need to consider adding extra cover if needed. Check with your chosen provider regarding cross-border coverage. Having breakdown coverage may also be a wise consideration in the case of needing quick assistance or having vehicle issues while driving in Ireland.  

Do I need a Northern Irish licence for Tyrone car insurance? 

You can still take out car insurance in Tyrone even if your driving licence wasn’t issued in Northern Ireland. However, the process may be slightly different depending on the type of licence you hold and where it was issued. Here’s what you need to know: 

Types of Non-NI Licences Accepted: 

  • Republic of Ireland: If your licence is from the Republic of Ireland, you can often use it to drive in Northern Ireland and obtain car insurance directly. However, some insurers may require an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside your Irish licence. 
  • EU/EEA Licences: Licences issued in any other EU or EEA country are generally accepted. Some insurers might ask for an IDP or additional documentation depending on your specific licence and country of origin. 
  • Other Countries: If your licence comes from outside the EU/EEA, the process can be more complex. You might need to exchange your licence for a Northern Ireland licence or obtain an IDP, depending on the specific agreement between your home country and the UK. 

Should I use a Tyrone car insurance broker? 

A local car insurance broker can certainly offer you coverage. However, using means you get a greater variety of quotes to choose from with the convenience of them all being in one place. This can ultimately make finding cheap car insurance much easier and less time-consuming than using a broker. If you are specifically looking for local insurance companies that only serve drivers in Northern Ireland, you can find a variety of these on, including Abbey Insurance and Apricot Insurance. While it is worth getting quotes from local providers it is also a wise move to compare their quotes with the prices offered by UK-wide insurance providers. 

What steps can I take to reduce my car insurance premium in Tyrone? 

It’s important to explore a variety of options that could help reduce your premium, consider shopping around and comparing quotes on This will allow you to see the range of options different providers offer across NI and the UK. It is also important to think about adjusting your coverage level, increasing your voluntary excess, restricting your mileage, and enhancing your vehicle’s security as they can all also contribute to obtaining more favourable premiums. 


Below are steps you can take to reduce your premiums:  

  1. Shopping around and comparing quotes – This is an effective way of finding cheaper insurance. By comparing multiple quotes, you can often find cheaper car insurance in just minutes. 
  1. Choosing the right coverage level – Whilst it can be nice knowing you have extra coverage, it isn’t always necessary. You should decide on the coverage you really need before you compare. 
  1. Increase your excess – Always choose excesses you can afford to pay. However, the higher these are, the more favourable in terms of getting cheaper car insurance. This is because you effectively reduce the amount the insurer needs to pay out when you claim. 
  1. Maintain a good driving record – Avoid irresponsible driving that could lead to penalty points. Just getting three can increase your premiums by as much as 25%. 
  1. Consider installing a car alarm or engine immobiliser – These measures enhance the safety of your vehicle, lowering the risk of damage or theft which can lead to reduced premiums.  


Keep in mind that what may initially seem like a cost-effective policy choice could lack the necessary protection you need on the road. This could potentially result in significant costs in the event of a claim. This is why it’s important to find a policy that meets your specific needs and provides the correct coverage for your circumstances.