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Finding a cheap holiday might be the goal of many people that prefer to get as much value as possible from their annual getaway. Traditionally people might have visited a high street travel agent to book their holiday but today it could be more commonplace for people to turn to the internet to find the best deal. It could be possible to find a multitude of different holiday types online from self catering breaks to all inclusive holidays for couples or families. People might even search the web to hire a holiday cottage or book a cruise around the world.

Using the internet to compare holidays might be much more affordable that booking via a travel agent. People also could have greater flexibility to choose aspects of their holiday themselves such as booking the flight and accommodation directly with the airline or accommodation owner. Wherever people are planning to get away from in Northern Ireland then comparing prices ahead of booking could save money and time in the long run. It might be possible to find a break that means flying out of a different NI airport or book an extended break to somewhere else in the UK.

Getting away might be very important to many people as they may work hard to earn themselves a one or two week vacation. To compare holidays could be the best way for many to save a little cash on an annual break and having more money to spend could make the holiday all the more memorable. A comparison could mean someone is a few clicks away from booking their break and it could even be possible to research venues, find the best hotels and travel via the best airline by looking at the reviews about each part of the journey which are typically available online from previous visitors.