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Caravan Insurance Northern Ireland

Whether you own a Static or Touring Caravan you might want to ensure that you have the right insurance cover at the right price.

Caravan insurance could cover you against fire, theft and loss of personal belongings, and if you own a touring caravan you could need accident cover too. By comparing insurance policies with, we will try to help you find insurance providers who could offer you a cheaper insurance policy.

To find a great price for your caravan insurance you might want to compare prices, and select the best policy to suit your needs. We’re here to help! We work with a range of UK providers of Caravan insurance who might be able to help find you a tailor-made policy at a great price.

With our comparison website, we do all the searching for you. We work with a panel of insurance providers to help make it easier for you to find cheap insurance. Simply complete our online form, and based on your requirements we will try to match your details to our insurance providers who could offer competitive quotes for your caravan insurance. So complete our quotation form today and see how much time and money you could save!

Caravan Insurance Guide

A caravan could be an expensive item to own. It would probably make sense, then, for anyone owning a caravan to have the proper insurance to cover it. Loss or damage could be quite expensive, incurring a big repair bill or a steep cost to replace the caravan if anything went wrong.

This guide may help dispel some of the queries any keen caravan owner or would-be purchase might have about caravan insurance Northern Ireland. It may also help identify the right policy to get, and to steer someone towards a cheaper policy as well.

Is insurance required by law?

A touring caravan that is, one that cannot be driven and must instead be towed behind a vehicle doesn’t necessarily need insurance from a legal standpoint. However, many caravan owners could get insurance because of the value of the caravan and everything inside it.

Different kinds of caravan insurance

There are a few varieties of insurance someone could get in this situation. The best one for a particular person could be dependent on the type of caravan they have.

  • Static caravan insurance:
    A static caravan is one that cannot easily be moved from place to place. While this may occur, the general idea is that the caravan will be on a site and will remain there. The owner will typically travel to the caravan to use it and then return home.
  • Touring caravan insurance:
    As mentioned above, this insurance policy would cover a caravan that has to be towed to be taken anywhere.
What does a caravan insurance NI policy cover?

Anyone looking to get this type of insurance should ideally read the small print for details of any specific exclusions. Not all policies could be exactly the same. However, most policies may provide appropriate cover for loss of the caravan, not to mention any damage that occurs to it. This may include damage done through adverse weather conditions, theft or an accident.

The policy might also provide cover to ensure the caravan can be replaced if it was stolen or was completely ruined in a fire or some other disaster that renders it a write-off.

What about common exclusions?

Many caravan insurance policies tend to have exclusions built into them. For example, any natural wear and tear that may occur to the caravan regardless of the type or age of the caravan may not be covered.

Poor security measures may also be highlighted as a reason why the insurance company may not pay out in the event something goes wrong. For example, there could be excellent security but the caravan owner may go out for 10 minutes, shutting the door but leaving it unlocked. In this situation, any theft of property or damage that occurs as the result of a theft or break-in may not be covered under the terms of the policy, which could request that the caravan is secured when not in use.

What about possessions inside the caravan?

It makes sense for a caravan owner to consider whether the cheap caravan insurance policy they might find could cover the contents of the caravan as well as the caravan itself. If valuables are commonly left inside, it could be worthwhile to get a policy that covers these as well.

However, there may only be valuables in the caravan when someone is staying in it. In this case, those valuables may be covered under another policy. Some home insurance policies could provide cover for such items even when they are taken out of the house. Each individual may want to check whether this is the case prior to finding caravan insurance cheap deals that may or may not include cover for the contents.

Considering the excess

Every policy may have an excess attached to it. For example, if a policy has an excess of £100 and the policyholder makes a claim for £250, they would receive a payment of £150 from the insurance company if the claim was resolved successfully.

While most policies might have some degree of excess attached to them, there is also often a chance to raise this. The higher the excess, the lower the premiums may generally be. The main thing for a caravan owner to remember here is the need for any excess to be affordable if a claim did end up being made at some point.

Why look online for a price comparison?

It could be a good idea for a caravan owner to compare caravan insurance quotes from a variety of providers. There may be different ways to reduce the premiums with many insurers, but some could be cheaper than others anyway.

Not all insurers will provide this type of insurance; it is sometimes viewed as specialist insurance. As a consequence, some major companies do not provide quotes for caravan cover. Some of those that do may not be well-known, which is why looking to compare some quotes online may be the best way to find an appropriate level of insurance that could also be affordable. It is also worth knowing that some insurers might come up with a discount for members of recognised caravanning clubs. By searching online for information on this topic, there is a further chance that any premiums could be reduced on a particular policy.

While caravan insurance of this type may not be compulsory as opposed to a motorhome, which must be insured by law it is easy to see why it might be a smart idea to have insurance in place. It could be invaluable if the caravan is ever stolen or damaged.