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Booking a holiday can be an exciting process and if you are looking forward to getting away, it can help if you are relaxed in the knowledge that your travel insurance is taken care of.

travel insurance is here to try to take the hassle out of preparing for your holiday! Using our form, you can enter your details just once and we could show you travel insurance quotes from insurance companies who could offer you a policy if you live in Northern Ireland!

Can show me cheap travel insurance in Northern Ireland?

If you are a resident in Northern Ireland and you are looking for travel insurance for your holiday, you could be in the right place for a quote! We compare insurance providers who quote for Northern Ireland to get you a great deal on your travel insurance. You just complete the online form with your details and we should present you with quote results listed in price order, with the cheapest first.

In todays economic climate, it can be important to make sure you have the right cover at the right price, so try to help find cheap travel insurance in Northern Ireland! You can check your details, select the policy that you would like to buy, and click through to the insurers website for more information, and go through the purchase process! Happy holidays!

Travel Insurance Guide

Travel insurance is not a necessity by law, but every year, some people make the potentially-expensive error of neglecting to get travel insurance set up before they go on holiday.

Anyone going abroad may find themselves in need of medical assistance. If so, they could be faced with significant bills they would not pay if they fell ill or were injured at home. No one can ever be certain of how or when something might happen. A lack of travel insurance could end up ruining a holiday and ruining someone financially as well.

Different types of travel insurance

There are a variety of policies an individual could compare in order to be certain they have the right policy for their needs. The most familiar ones are mentioned below.
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  • Single-trip cover:
    The name describes the type of insurance provided; it basically covers the duration of a single trip and may be quoted according to the length of that trip and the relevant destination. Once the trip ends, so does the cover.
  • Multi-trip cover:
    This is sometimes referred to as annual cover, but it generally means the same thing. This policy will usually provide travel insurance for an entire year. If someone takes more than one holiday in a year including long weekends it could be cheaper to get this type of policy, as opposed to getting travel insurance NI for each individual trip.
  • Multiple cover:
    This is different to the above examples because it comes as either single-trip cover or multi-trip cover, and it provides insurance cover for multiple people. This means it may cover a couple, if both are living at the same address, or a family consisting of two parents and a number of children. Other examples of family units could also be covered with multiple cover.
Which countries could someone be covered for?

Not all travel insurance policies are the same. For example, someone may have to specify which countries they are travelling in or through when buying travel insurance Northern Ireland. Policies might be set according to the area they are relevant to. European-based policies could cover all countries in this part of the world, whereas a trip to the US may require a different policy. All other parts of the world may be covered by a worldwide travel policy. Anyone buying travel insurance cheap offers online may perhaps compare them according to the countries they cover, to make sure they are suitable for their needs.

What about specialist insurance?

There may be occasions when people are not going on a standard holiday. For example, someone may be backpacking through Europe instead of taking a two-week break at an exclusive five-star resort. Other people may be going on a winter sports holiday, which may require them to get specialist insurance to cover any extreme sports they may be considering doing. Basic travel insurance may not cover them for such activities. This means it is sometimes best to shop around to find somewhere that provides a good deal.

Cover for medical conditions

Having a medical condition may not always mean paying more for travel insurance. It does however make good sense for any individual in this situation to perform a comparison between different specialist insurers, in order to stand a chance of finding a cheaper deal.

While many providers will give quotes online, they may not do so if there are medical conditions involved. Oftentimes, the person looking for insurance may find they need to speak to someone to get a quotation. However, providing the condition they have is acknowledged and reported before they buy the insurance, it may potentially still be covered without the premium going up.

Of course, this might not apply in all cases. A lot may depend on the exact nature of the medical condition and how serious it is. The insurer may need to consider the likelihood of having to pay for any medical treatment required by that person under the terms of their policy. As such, they could charge more the greater that likelihood is.

Cover for people over the age of 65

The older a person is, the greater the chance they may fall ill or need medical assistance at some point. This could potentially happen on holiday just as it may do at home. While travel insurance is still readily available for older people, these policies may cost more making it all the more important for people to shop around for cheap travel insurance deals.

There are a few insurers who specialise in providing policies for older travellers. In the same vein, some insurers may also specialise in providing cover for those wanting to take part in winter sports, or those going backpacking. It could be worthwhile checking these insurers as well as the big-name ones many people already know.

Why compare travel insurance?

Looking for good deals for a travel insurance policy could save a lot of money. As we have seen, it is vital that everyone looks around for the right kind of policy required in their situation. If someone determines what they need and want ahead of time, it could be much easier to look for the right policy when they start comparing different deals.

Performing those comparisons online could also be potentially easier than it might otherwise be. It may save time compared to calling lots of different companies. The difference between the cheapest and most expensive policies could be significant, which means comparing the different deals could well be worthwhile.