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Booking a holiday is an exciting time, and if you are looking forward to getting away, it can help if you are truly relaxed in the knowledge that your NI travel insurance is taken care of!

travel insurance is here to take the hassle out of preparing for your holiday! Using our quote form, you can enter your details just once and we will show you Northern Ireland travel insurance quotes from experienced insurers who provide coverage for travelling from Northern Ireland to your holiday destination.

Can get me cheap travel insurance in Northern Ireland?

If you’re travelling from Northern Ireland and you are looking for travel insurance for your holiday, you are in the right place for a quote!
We compare travel insurance providers who quote for travelling from Northern Ireland. Simply complete our online form with a few key details and we will present you with quotes from over 25 trusted insurance providers, with the cheapest first.
In today’s economic climate, it can be important to make sure you have the right cover at the right price, so try to find cheaper travel insurance in Northern Ireland.
You can check your details, select the best travel insurance policy for your needs, and click through to the insurer’s website for more information, and to go through the purchase process. Happy holidays!

Do I really need NI travel insurance?

Travel insurance is often not a necessity by law, but every year there are horror stories of someone who makes the expensive error of not getting travel insurance set up before they go on holiday.
Accidents can happen anywhere, but when you are in a new place and are out of your comfort zone, you could find yourself more vulnerable to things like scams and theft. Worse still, a lot of countries will not provide any medical care for travellers from Northern Ireland, so if you need to see a doctor or get injured you could be hit with hefty medical bills that often need to be paid before you receive treatment. 
No one can ever be certain of how or when something might happen. But going abroad anywhere without travel insurance could end up ruining a holiday, or even ruining someone financially.

What is the best travel insurance NI policy?

There are a variety of policy types within travel insurance. And the one that proves to be best for you will depend on your needs and how you are travelling. Circumstances such as having a particular diagnosis could mean you are better off with specialist travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions. Some of the main travel insurance NI policies are:

  1. Single-trip cover – This is often the cheapest travel insurance option. It covers the duration of a single short-term trip and may be quoted according to the length of that trip and the relevant destination. Once the trip ends, so does the cover. This is great for beach holidays in Turkey.
  2. Multi-trip cover – This is sometimes referred to as annual cover, but it generally means the same thing. This policy will usually provide travel insurance for an entire year. If you travel on multiple holidays in this period it could be cheaper to get this type of policy as opposed to getting travel insurance NI for each individual trip.
  3. Backpacker cover – If you’re planning on an extended journey through multiple countries at once, this type of insurance can cover you for an entire continent or multiple continents like USA and South America on a single policy.

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Which countries can be covered by Northern Ireland travel insurance?

For short-term travels, you can simply specify your holiday destination to ensure it will be covered by your travel insurance. This means you will only be comparing quotes for policies that apply to your trip, and you are not over-insuring for areas you are not travelling to.
For extended trips or trips where you plan to visit multiple countries, you will be able to buy coverage based on the following three travel areas.

  • European travel insurance – As the name suggests, this will cover you for countries within Europe and possibly even a few more, but these will be specified in your policy details. This is a popular option for interrailing or car travel through Europe’s abundant countries. 
  • Worldwide travel insurance – This is ideal if you are going on open-ended or unplanned travels as you won’t be restricting yourself to where you can visit. 
  • Worldwide excluding the USA, Caribbean and Mexico – This is a great option if you don’t plan on visiting the excluded countries. It is typically cheaper than worldwide insurance as it doesn’t cover the burden of the US’s high medical expenses. 
Can I get specialist travel insurance from Northern Ireland?

There may be occasions when you need more specialised holiday insurance from Northern Ireland. These policies can be great for tailored coverage, especially if you are taking on riskier activities while you travel, as basic travel insurance may not cover you for such activities. Some specialist options include:

  • Multiple cover – This comes as either single-trip cover or multi-trip cover, and it provides insurance cover for multiple people. This policy can be used for couples if both people are living at the same address, or a family with or without children.
  • Cruise cover – This travel insurance is specialised for cruises and can offer useful protection for trip disruptions and missed port departures. 
  • Skiing cover – The medical coverage on skiing travel insurance can be particularly useful in this risk-prone sport. These policies can also offer search and rescue coverage, although some may offer this as an add-on.
Can Northern Ireland travel insurance cover my medical conditions?

Having a medical condition can often mean paying more for your insurance, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you have any existing medical conditions like heart conditions, cancer or even pregnancy,  it’s even more important to shop around for the best price on medical travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.

While many travel insurance NI providers will give quotes online, this is often not done if there are medical conditions involved. Under these circumstances you can speak to the insurer directly for a quote so there is a full understanding of your potential needs.
It’s even possible that the premium will not increase provided that your condition is acknowledged and reported before you buy the insurance.

Can I get NI travel cover if I’m over the age of 65?

Of course, NI travel insurance is still available whether you are 60, 70 or over 80 years of age. However, these policies may cost more as insurers typically view older people to be more likely to need medical attention. This chance of falling ill or needing medical assistance at some point on your holiday makes you a higher risk to insure.
This makes it all the more important to compare quotes on over 65 travel insurance so you know you are getting the best deal for your needs and budget from trusted insurers who will honour your policy when you need them. 

Comparing quotes for travel insurance could save a lot of money. As we have seen, it is vital that everyone shops around to get the right policy for your situation. If you determine what you need and want ahead of time, it could be much easier to look for the right policy when you start comparing different deals.