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FREE Van Insurance Quotes for Northern Ireland Drivers! is developed with you, the Northern Ireland van driver, in mind because we only show you insurance deals that apply to Northern Ireland. So, if you are fed up with finding van insurance deals that exclude Northern Ireland you are now in the right place.

Getting a van insurance quote on our website is totally free, and the premiums that you see have no extra charges. We simply show you prices from the insurance providers, so you can quickly compare and choose a policy!
Simply enter a few key facts and we’ll show you costs and details from up to 45 insurers so you can compare NI van insurance. When you find the best policy for you, either click through to the insurers website to buy online, or you can buy over the phone instead, depending on the payment options offered by the insurance provider.

Can I find the cheapest Northern Ireland van insurance with

On you can compare many van insurance quotes in one go, by filling in our simple form. A few years ago you would have had to go to different brokers to try to find the cheapest van insurance in Northern Ireland, and give your details each time.

But now, CompareNI takes the hassle out of searching for insurance, offering you an independent and unbiased comparison of van insurance for Northern Ireland online. And based on real people who compared with in 2023, you could save up to £590.37* on your van insurance by comparing with us. Our panel of insurance providers is growing rapidly and they provide insurance for vans of all shapes and sizes, including commercial vans, food vans and even temporary van insurance. We compare van insurance for Northern Ireland residents from companies such as Gladiator, Budget, and More Than, who have experience working in NI.

How much does NI van insurance cost on average?

Many van drivers might agree that finding cheaper van insurance policies can be a challenge. Costs have increased over the years, which could mean NI van drivers are paying more today than they could have done a few years ago.
But these costs still vary a lot depending on factors surrounding the van being insured and its driver. The fast way to find an accurate cost for insuring your van is to get personalised quotes. Using our quote form, you not only get a baseline for your specific insurance costs, but you’ll be able to compare prices and features of reliable and trusted insurers so you can make an informed choice on your NI van insurance. 

Is van insurance for Northern Ireland required by law?

If someone drives a van without having a minimum of third party insurance, they are breaking the law. This holds true in Northern Ireland as well as in the UK as a whole.
Taking the chance of driving without insurance in Northern Ireland could land you in serious trouble. You can expect to receive a £300 fixed penalty and 6 penalty points on your license, which can hike up your insurance for years to come. Its simply not worth the risk. 

What is the best van insurance in Northern Ireland?

The best insurance for you will depend on your specific needs. But you can trust that when you compare van insurance quotes at, we will only show you experienced and reputable insurers.
When you are shopping around for cheap van insurance, knowing your options can make it easier to find the best insurance for you and your van. These are typically:

  • Third party – All van drivers will need at least have third party insurance in place as this is required by law. If anyone does not have van insurance NI in place, they would be breaking the law. Having this means any damage or costs incurred by another party in an accident may be covered by the insurance. However, the van driver holding the third party insurance may not receive any funds towards their own damages.
  • Third party, fire and theft – This insurance means the driver could have the additional peace-of-mind of being covered in the event their vehicle is stolen, or if it catches fire. This is in addition to the third party cover already mentioned above.
  • Comprehensive van insurance – Also referred to as fully-comprehensive van insurance, this could be a better choice if your vann is nearly new or brand new. The cover can provide a reassuring payout if the vehicle is damaged or written off, even if the accident that caused the damage may have been caused by the van owner. The cover could also cover all the costs the other parties in the accident or incident may have had to shoulder.
Is van insurance more expensive for young drivers in Northern Ireland? 

Young drivers may be at greater risk of being involved in accidents due to inexperience on the roads. Because insurers assess the cost of policies depending on historical data, van insurance for young drivers under the age of 25 can be more expensive, so it is particularly important to shop around for the best price.

This can also lead to higher premiums if you are including younger drivers on a van fleet insurance or van courrier policy. However this is not the only thing that affects insurance premiums, so you could make up ground in different areas.

Factors van insurers consider when setting the cost of your van insurance policy:

  • Your van’s make, model and specifications 
  • How the van is used
  • Annual mileage 
  • All drivers on the policy 
  • Claims history
  • Your location 
  • Voluntary excesses
  • The type of coverage

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Do I need goods-in-transit cover on my NI van insurance policy?

Some van drivers may carry goods in their vans. These may be parcels to deliver to companies and individuals, or to collect from them to deliver elsewhere. In any case, goods-in-transit cover may be a good option to add to any van insurance policy.
If an accident occurs, regular van insurance may only cover damage to the actual vehicle(s) involved. Any damage caused to the goods inside the vehicle would not be covered unless the policy allowed for goods-in-transit coverage as well.

Can I cover multiple drivers on a van insurance policy in Northern Ireland?

Some businesses have vans in use that may be driven by several people. If this is so, the main driver or business owner may wish to compare van insurance that can provide cover for more than one person. Additionally, insurance cover could be available that may cover more than one vehicle.
This might be a good idea for someone who owns several vans and wants to cover them all in the easiest possible way. It might also bring with it additional discounts for covering several vehicles on one van fleet insurance policy.

What additional coverage can I add on to a standard NI van insurance policy?

When someone is looking for cover for their van, they may also wonder whether it is worth adding on any other forms of cover within that single policy. For example, while some people may get van breakdown cover separately from their main cover, others could decide to get them rolled into one policy.
The same applies to other examples of add-on cover, such as goods-in-transit cover, tool insurance and legal expenses cover.
Choosing the most appropriate form of van insurance may seem challenging at first. But once you have an idea of the various options available, it will be easier to assess what cover could be needed and how much it may cost you.

We could help you find van insurance no matter where you live in Northern Ireland including Belfast, Newry, Carrickfergus, Derry, Coleraine, Ballymena, Newtownards, Lisburn, Bangor, Craigavon, Castlereagh, Cookstown, Downpatrick, Limavady, Strabane, Enniskillen, Larne, Down, Holywood, Omagh, Fermanagh, Dungannon, Lurgan, Londonderry, Antrim, Armagh, Tyrone, Banbridge, Maghera, and everywhere else!

*51% of consumers could save £622.09 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.