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Compare Classic Car Insurance Northern Ireland

If you’re looking for classic car insurance, we believe your classic car deserves the best and cheapest classic car insurance cover. could help you find great classic and collectors car insurance from a range of insurance providers. Owning a classic car could be a lot of fun but it can be important that you have the right insurance policy to protect your cherished vehicle. Classic car insurance is a specialised market and differs from modern car insurance policies. Vintage cars tend to be stored in garages and are generally driven fewer miles than standard cars, so our providers could offer you a great deal on your classic car insurance if you compare quotes with us.

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We understand that searching for the best policy for your needs can be a time consuming task, so we’re here to help! does all the searching for you by trying to match your requirements with providers in classic and vintage car insurance for Northern Ireland customers. Our providers should contact you directly with a quote tailored so suit your needs. Simply complete our online quotation request form, and it could help save you money and find a great deal!

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CompareNI takes the hassle out of finding classic car insurance Northern Ireland by putting you in touch with providers who could offer classic and vintage car insurance. Our classic car insurance providers should then contact you with a competitive quote. So put your mind at rest, fill in your details and start your comparison now.

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Classic Car Insurance Guide

Most people may admire a classic car if they ever saw one on the road. At the very least, they wouldn’t be able to resist having a look as one drove by.

Anyone fortunate enough to own a classic car may still have to get insurance to cover them to drive it, as this is a legal requirement for all cars on the roads today. However, classic car insurance Northern Ireland is a specialist type of policy. Instead of getting a standard insurance policy, a specialist one could be better as it is targeted towards just these types of cars.

This guide could help dispel some of the queries that surround this form of insurance. Anyone looking to get classic car insurance NI may wish to read through it before shopping around for a comparison.

What is a classic car?

In reality, the definitions may vary slightly from one insurer to another. Most people may agree a car dating from 30 or more years ago is a classic (and they could well be right). However, there isn’t necessarily a set year beyond which a car is viewed as a classic.

Veteran and vintage cars are very rare and were manufactured in much older times. For example, anything manufactured prior to 1903 would be classed as a veteran car. The next 20-year period covers vintage cars. Other than that, a classic car may fall into the bracket between that and any point up to approximately two decades or so ago.

How much could classic car insurance NI cost?

It may be cheaper than standard car insurance, for several reasons. These policies may have several elements a standard policy may not be affected by. They may assume usage of the car is limited, perhaps to weekends or to the summer months, for example. Furthermore, a mileage limit may be applied to the insurance, which means the driver may not be able to exceed it.

It may also be the case that the driver of a classic car will be insured for that car only; the classic car insurance won’t cover them to drive any other vehicle. This could be another reason why it is looked upon as a classic policy. It may also mean that car owners could get a separate policy for any other vehicle they may own.

The cost may also differ depending on the more traditional elements that may affect the price of any insurance policy. In terms of cars, an older driver with a good driving history may usually get a cheaper quote than a younger driver. However, a young driver with a classic car may be able to find cheap classic car insurance at a much cheaper rate than they would get for a standard insurance policy. It makes it easier to understand the ongoing importance of comparing various providers and policies online.

The importance of agreeing a proper valuation with an insurer

Car insurance might provide enough cover to ensure the driver receives a decent payout if their car is written off or stolen. This element may actually be even more important for anyone who has a classic vehicle.

When shopping around for insurance, a classic car owner may wish to know there are a couple of options available with regard to valuing the car. The first is a trade-value figure. This may be inadvisable for an owner to choose, because if anything happened to the car, the owner could only get the current trade value for it, which may not be the best sum.

In contrast, an agreed-value policy could be much better. It may mean the car owner has to jump through a few hoops and submit photos of the car prior to getting insurance. However, this may result in getting an agreed value for the vehicle. This would be an amount the vehicle is insured for and is agreed upon in advance. Thus, if the owner had to claim, they could have the peace-of-mind of knowing what they would get.

Is it worth going to a specialist insurer?

Oftentimes, getting classic car insurance cheap deals could be much easier if the owner went to a specialist insurer. While some mainstream insurers might offer deals for classic vehicles, they may not be as competitive or detailed as those offered by a specialist insurer with experience in this field.

Specialist insurers could have years of experience in providing quotes and cover for a wide range of classic vehicles. Since they specialise in this area, there could be a greater chance the car owner might be able to get a more competitive quote. It may still be a good idea, however, to compare classic car insurance from a number of these providers. This could bring down the price for the cover required to a more affordable level.

Ways classic car drivers may be able to get discounts

Limiting the mileage driven could provide a discount, since this type of policy is often based on the amount the car is driven. It may also be fruitful to have membership of a classic car club. Some insurers in this field may provide discounts to members of clubs that are recognised and can provide proof of membership.

It may also be cheaper to compare and insure two classic cars under a single policy for someone who has more than one. It may save time too, as both cars could be covered by the same company.