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Compare young driver car insurance northern ireland

As a young driver in Northern Ireland, if you are aged between 17 and 24, finding cheap car insurance can be frustrating due to high premiums, the risks and lack of experience involved with new drivers.

If this is your first car, you are under 25 or have little or zero no claims bonus, it can be important to shop around for a cheap young driver insurance quote.

NI Young Driver Car Insurance Comparison

There are a number of practical steps that young drivers in Northern Ireland can take to reduce insurance premiums, such as completing the Pass Plus scheme, reducing their annual mileage or driving a car with a smaller engine or considering third party or third party fire and theft cover, which in some cases may be cheaper.

Compare young driver car insurance Northern Ireland quotes online

CompareNI can help take the hassle out of finding cheap young driver insurance quotes in Northern Ireland, by using our online comparison system to help young drivers find insurance for teenagers and new drivers. Once you fill in our simple form you should get a list of quote displayed on online for you to view and compare. The list should be organised by the cheapest quote first.

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Young Drivers Insurance Guide

Most drivers will probably be aware that car insurance could be based on a variety of factors age being one of them. Young drivers could find they have to pay a high price to get insured in their first year of driving. Even subsequent years could be pricey, meaning that it could make sense to try and reduce the premiums wherever possible.

This guide provides information and insight into young drivers insurance Northern Ireland. It might be worth reading for anyone in a position to find their first car insurance policy.

Why can car insurance for a young driver be more expensive?

In general, drivers who are older and more experienced are typically less likely to be involved in a car accident. As such, it is understandable that younger drivers who may only just have passed their test could receive quotes that are pricier than those granted to older drivers with a safe driving history.

This could make it all the more important to compare young drivers insurance before purchasing a policy.

Types of car insurance available

There are three basic forms of car insurance available. These are shown below. A young driver may opt to take out any one of these, depending on their circumstances and budget, and what might make the most sense for them.

  • Third party:
    If the young driver is involved in an accident that they caused, third party cover could provide a payout to cover the costs incurred by the other driver. However, it does not typically cover the cost of repairs to the young drivers car, nor does it pay out for a new car if it is written off.
  • Third party, fire and theft:
    This provides third party cover for any other vehicles involved in an accident if the holder of this policy caused the crash. It may also pay out if the policyholders vehicle was stolen or if it was burnt out in a fire.
  • Fully comprehensive:
    Many could assume this form of insurance the most comprehensive kind is more expensive than the two types given above. However, it may not necessarily be the case. It is usually wise to compare all three types of policy when shopping around online for insurance, because it could bring a surprise. It may make better sense to get fully-comprehensive insurance if it is affordable, and if covering the cost of a replacement car may be a problem.


    It provides cover that could pay out for both the policyholder and anyone else who suffers losses in the accident. This means if the policyholder has damage to their own car, or it is written off, they could receive a payout accordingly. This wouldn’t be the case with either of the other two insurance options given above.

  • How can a driver reduce the insurance quote:
    There could be a variety of ways to do this. For example, different makes and model of cars are placed in different insurance categories. This means one car could be far more expensive to insure than another one. It may not be wise to assume the best cheap young drivers insurance would be granted on a particular model when compared to another one. Issues such as security measures and other anti-theft features could make it cheaper to insure; the same applies to road safety features such as anti-lock brakes, which could make accidents less likely.


    Telematics are another option that could be worth considering for anyone looking for young drivers insurance cheap quotes. This involves putting a small black box in the car, so the insurance company may monitor how a person is driving. If they show they are good drivers, their insurance costs may be reduced accordingly, as they pose far less of a risk to the insurer than some other young drivers.

    Some drivers may also wish to consider adding a voluntary excess to their quote. While many policies may have a compulsory excess the amount the policyholder must meet before any claim is paid out it could be possible to add a voluntary one on as well. The driver may consider the amount they could pay, and would be comfortable paying. With this in place, they may receive an adjusted quote that could potentially be cheaper.

    Reducing the amount of mileage traveled could also reduce premiums for young drivers insurance NI. A driver who completes far fewer miles each year will automatically have less chance of having an accident than someone who does double that amount of mileage. This may have a factor when considering the amount an insurer may charge for a quote.

Every young driver should compare quotes

A proper comparison could potentially save a lot of money for any car driver, especially someone younger. While a new, young driver will usually pay more for their insurance than someone who has been driving for years, there are ways the premium could be reduced, as this guide shows.

The important thing is to compare different companies, focusing on those who provide telematics services and may have a track record of catering to younger drivers on the roads. Shopping around online may take some time, but the driver could save a significant amount in their first and future years of buying car insurance. Since the savings could be large, it is worth spending the necessary amount of time to find a deal that works and a car that could be cheaper to insure, too.

*51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.