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Life insurance can be a little like funeral plans. They can be unpleasant to think about, but essential to ensure financial well-being if the worst happens. No one wants to plan for what might happen if the main earner in the family were to pass away. But a NI life insurance policy could be exactly what you need for peace of mind and protection.

Life insurance may not be a legal requirement, but it could be an absolutely essential form of insurance coverage if you have a lot of financial dependents in your life. Finding a life insurance NI policy not only safeguards their future with a payout if the worst happens. It can also provide you with unmeasurable peace of mind during difficult times or even in your final days.

Can CompareNI help me find the cheapest life insurance for NI?

When you are looking for cheap life insurance for Northern Ireland, comparing your options is one of the best ways to make sure you are not paying over the odds. At CompareNI, we are comparison experts who specialise in comparing insurance that covers Northern Ireland.
Using our insurance form lets you quickly compare personalised life insurance quotes from multiple insurers so you can choose the best life insurance for you and your budget.
Our impartial comparisons let you make informed decisions on this important purchase so you can rest easy knowing that your dependents are covered, and you are getting a great deal from an experienced and reputable insurance provider.

What is the best NI life insurance type?

Unlike some types of insurance, where there are many options and alternatives available, NI life insurance comes in two basic forms. However, it is very important to understand the differences between them. This understanding will help you choose the most appropriate policy for your circumstances.

  1. Term life insurance – This type of cover ensures the life of the insured person is covered for a particular term. This could be until the person reaches a certain age, or for a particular period of time, for example, 20 years.
    If the policy ends and the policyholder is still alive, no payout will ever be made. It is very important to understand that this type of insurance only guarantees a payout if the policyholder dies within the term the insurance runs for.
  2. Whole-of-life insurance – The key difference here is that whole-of-life insurance is valid for the whole of a person’s life. If their cover is in place and the individual has made all of their monthly payments up to their death, the policy will typically provide a payout to their loved ones.
  3. Joint cover – This is another form of insurance that differs from the typical single cover policy which covers only one person. Joint cover could be used to cover a couple. In this situation, the first person to die would trigger a payout to be made to the surviving partner. This could provide great comfort in a time when one income is lost as well as a loved one. Such a policy could be cheaper than getting two individual policies, although once one partner dies, the policy pays out and then ends.

Within these, there are also options for more specialised levels of life insurance coverage. These include things like critical illness life insurance and over 50’s life insurance. These policies can cover you if you are suffering from specific medical conditions or if you are taking out cover later in life and want to leave something to help cover your funeral costs. 

Do I really need to take out a NI life insurance policy?

Generally speaking, life insurance is designed for those who want to provide some monetary security to their financial dependents upon their death. So a single person with no dependents may not find life insurance as useful. 

However, those who are married or in a committed relationship, or who have children, may want to consider getting a life insurance Northern Ireland policy. If they pass away, this insurance could leave a lump sum to their loved ones to help with expenses.

People typically get out life insurance at a few different times in life, including:

  • When newly married
  • When buying a house
  • When starting a family
  • When raising a young family
  • As a mature family thinking of the future
  • When retiring 
How much coverage do I need on my NI life insurance policy?

This is something that will be individual to you depending on you and your household’s circumstances. It could be possible to get life insurance that provides a smaller lump sum or a much larger one if needed. For example, if a couple both earn good money, and one would earn enough to support their children if the other partner died, they may wish to get only a small life insurance policy. 

Conversely, a couple where one partner brings in the entire household income may consider getting a sizeable insurance policy on that individual. This could mean the mortgage might be paid off with that lump sum if the person insured died during the term of the cover. They may also insure that person for enough money to provide a lump sum for the surviving partner to live on under those circumstances.

To get an idea of how much coverage you might need, consider:

  • Who contributes to your household income
  • Outstanding mortgage payments to be made
  • Other debts that may need to be covered 
  • The cost of living
  • Your households expenses 
  • The cost of education for children
  • Funeral plans and costs

However, if you are looking for NI life cover, you’ll also need to consider how much you are willing and able to pay in premiums each month. Very often, the challenge might be to balance the premium payments with the amount that might be paid out if a claim were to be made.

Is a medical required for life insurance in Northern Ireland?

Generally speaking, no medical is required when someone wishes to get life insurance. An application form may ask specific health questions, including whether you smoke or have any medical conditions. The likelihood of your death during the term may also be taken into account when a quote is provided.

How should I compare NI life insurance?

Most people find there can be a big difference in quotes depending on the level of cover required, the type of policy taken out and the age and health of the person to be covered. As such, a cheap life insurance deal may be easier to find by doing an online comparison.

There are many elements to consider when you are looking for life insurance. As such, it makes financial sense to go through the figures to determine how much insurance you might need as well as how much you are willing to pay. Generally, people may want to get the highest amount possible for the most affordable monthly payment. Finding a balance between the two could be the best option.