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Using can be a useful way of searching for cheap Northern Ireland taxi insurance providers.

On your behalf we can contact taxi insurers who could provide cover for your requirements. We only work with providers who are authorised and regulated by the .

Cheapest Taxi Insurance in Northern Ireland?

If you want to find Northern Ireland insurance providers who offer affordable black taxi, public hire, or private hire insurance policies it can be a monotonous task, all too often a broker online could say they do not cover Northern Ireland residents so will refuse to quote.

With our acquired contacts and experience within the Taxi Insurance market for Northern Ireland we intend to help you to search for cheaper cover. Our unique quote system can help you to make a taxi insurance comparison from companies who offer policies to NI residents.

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Get started now by filling out our one page form on, we will automatically collect your details and pass them in an instant to our sourced panel of taxi insurance providers. These companies could be keen to do business with you and should contact you free of charge to provide a quotation… then all you need to do is decide who is offering the best deal for you.

Taxi Insurance Guide

All taxi drivers are likely to need taxi insurance NI in order to be fully covered when driving their cabs. It is therefore probably important for taxi drivers to understand the different kinds of insurance available, and to compare them in order to work out which kind of insurance might be required.

This guide could help a taxi driver search for and compare taxi insurance, in order to make sure they can have the appropriate cover.

How much might this insurance cost?

Different policies may vary from each other, which may mean the need to perform a comparison is even more important. There could be a higher degree of risk associated with driving a taxi, and that might mean paying a higher premium accordingly. A potentially-increased amount of mileage, coupled with driving long hours, could mean the risk of having an accident might increase. This would then be reflected in possibly-higher premiums.

Different kinds of taxi insurance Northern Ireland

There are lots of options to choose from, which means any taxi driver may want to explore them and understand which one might be right for them.

  • Private hire insurance:
    The best example of a private hire vehicle is a minicab. The crucial difference between this type of vehicle and a public hire one is that customers have to pre-book a minicab. There is no other way of getting one. Thus, if a cab driver operates on this basis, private hire insurance may be the form of insurance they might need.
  • Public hire insurance:
    This form of insurance is relevant only for those cabs that are permitted to pick up fares at cab ranks, and to be hailed in the street. As such they could normally be licensed and would need public hire insurance.
  • Third party insurance:
    As with car insurance, this would be the most basic type of insurance to get. It may cover the cost to a third party if the taxi driver is involved in an accident and causes damage to another vehicle. However, damage to their own vehicle wouldn’t be covered.
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance:
    This replicates the above form of insurance, with the addition of cover should the vehicle be affected by fire or if it was stolen.
  • Fully-comprehensive insurance:
    This provides cover for both all other cars or parties involved in an accident, if the taxi driver was found to be at fault. It also covers the cost of replacing the taxi itself. Some forms of insurance of this type might also account for the cost of a replacement vehicle for a period of time.
  • Named-driver insurance:
    The next important element of finding cheap taxi insurance may be to consider who would be driving the taxi. Some taxis are driven by one person only, and in this case named-driver insurance might be appropriate to buy.
  • All-driver insurance:
    In cases where a taxi belongs to a cab company and may be driven by several people throughout the day, all-driver insurance could be the best bet. This would usually provide cover for a range of people to drive one vehicle.
  • Public liability insurance:
    Many businesses might require public liability insurance, and it may also be relevant for taxi drivers and operators to consider. This is because the taxi will be offering a service to local people, and may therefore be at potential risk of causing injury to someone.


    For example, if a taxi driver causes an accident that results in a passenger in the taxi suffering an injury, the passenger may elect to sue the driver. In this case, public liability insurance may bring peace-of-mind and essential cover for what might turn out to be an expensive situation.

Covering a taxi for personal use as well as professional use

This may be another area to consider for drivers looking to get taxi insurance cheap quotes. In some cases, taxi drivers might use their cabs for personal journeys as well as business ones. If so, it may be possible to find an insurance company that could provide both types of cover in the one policy.

What about getting breakdown cover?

Every vehicle has a potential to break down occasionally, and for all kinds of reasons. Since a taxi will provide an income for whoever drives it, it could make sense to find competitive breakdown cover as well.

It may be possible to get breakdown cover provided as part of the standard taxi insurance cover. However, it could be a good idea for a taxi driver or owner to look online to get a comparison. In some cases, it may be cheaper to get a separate breakdown policy instead of having it included in the main taxi insurance policy.

Looking around for a competitive quote

Whether the driver is self-employed and has their own taxi, or they run a company with several taxis and drivers, they could perhaps get a better deal if they were to look around at several insurers before choosing a specific quote.

By reading through the above information, it may be easier to focus on the most appropriate form of insurance for their needs. Then it is a matter of looking on the internet and considering which insurers may provide the more competitive quotes. It may be preferable to visit specialist insurers with extensive experience in providing this type of cover for taxi drivers in Northern Ireland. If so, a good deal could potentially be found that helps save the cab driver money.