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If hiring a black cab vehicle to the public it is usually necessary for drivers to be covered by appropriate black cab insurance. Whether located in London or in the rest of Great Britain, including Northern Ireland, it may prove vital that the right level of cover is purchased at the right price. Black cab insurance could be an important factor in the competitiveness of any black cab business and anyone wishing to compare black cab insurance may do so by using an online search tool or by utilising the service of a specialist broker. If black cab insurance is expensive this could harm the profitability of a business but if the policy is inadequate then a company may find support lacking at a time when it is needed most.

Black cab insurance may be purchased for single vehicles or for a fleet and there could be many ways in which policyholders receive a slightly more favourable quote. Differing levels of excess may allow quotes to be tweaked and the inclusion of a windscreen provision could provide a relatively low cost benefit. It is usually a good idea that anyone running a black cab looking to compare black cab insurance is able to compare like policies.

It is often not enough to simply opt for the lowest cost policy because the specific terms of the policy may not be as favourable as a slightly more expensive policy offering a wider range of benefits. An online comparison of black cab insurance could provide the detail required to make a sound judgment on the suitability of a product and a specialist broker might be able to directly inform clients of any policies that match the specific needs of a potential policyholder. Black cab insurance may also include the required public liability insurance cover to ensure not only the vehicle is protected but that the service offered by the driver is also covered.