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If you’re looking for health insurance in Northern Ireland, then you might expect to spend a lot of time researching dozens of insurance providers just to see if they can provide the coverage you require. And of course, this may involve being put on hold and possibly even giving your sensitive medical history to each broker or company individually. And that’s just to compare quotes.

Can CompareNI help me find the cheapest NI health insurance?

If you are looking for cheap NI health insurance then getting quotes at CompareNI is a much easier way to do it. We have helped our clients save an average of £495.34* by switching their health insurance with us. 

Here’s how we do it. With our comparison service provided by Howden Life and Health, you can easily get quotes for NI health insurance online. It takes just minutes to get your personalised quote or you can discuss a tailored insurance policy for you by calling for free on 0808 196 8823.

What is the best NI health insurance type?

The best type of health insurance for you will depend on your budget, the level of coverage that you need and the conditions and treatments that you want to be included in your policy. The main types are:

  1. Private Medical Insurance – Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute conditions that start after your policy begins. 
  2. Cash plans – These offer monthly coverage for everyday medical expenses like opticians, chiropody, and dental treatments. These have the benefit of covering pre-existing medical conditions within the policy limits.
  3. Corporate Health Insurance – This is a type of group PMI or cash plan. It might be funded as an employee benefit, or the employer might help to facilitate their employee’s access to individual cover. 

The award-winning service from our partner Howden Life and Health compares one of the largest panels of insurers in the UK. Compare quotes online now from leading insurers like AXA, Bupa, Aviva and more. Or if you would prefer help choosing the best policy for you, you can call one of our dedicated advisers on freephone 0808 196 8823.

Do I really need health insurance in Northern Ireland?

Health insurance can provide you with peace of mind and protection for the future. Although you’ll likely have access to the NHS in NI, the increasing pressures of meeting the healthcare demands of an ageing population has but a stretch on resources in recent years. This leaves a clear role for health insurance to complement these services.

Health insurance is designed to work alongside the NHS to provide you with more timely access to high quality health services and give you more choice when it comes to your healthcare.

This can be achieved in a number of ways, including:

  • Prompt referrals to a consultant
  • Quick admission to a private hospital
  • Treatment at a time to suit you
  • Advanced treatment options, such as access to some cancer drugs that are not available on the NHS
  • Avoiding waiting times for diagnostic tests, such as MRI and CT scans
  • Providing mental health treatment options

These are just some coverage options that can be included in health insurance NI, and they will vary from policy to policy. And with CompareNI you can compare multiple providers at once to find coverage that fits your needs and wants so you don’t have to compromise on your healthcare. 

Do I need to give my medical history when I’m buying a health insurance NI policy?

When you take a health insurance policy the insurer might require you, or any covered individuals to provide a full medical history. Others will ask for consent to contact your doctor for further information, and some will ask you to attend a medical. 

However, this is not the case with all policies, and it is not always a bad thing. Some insurers will not need a medical history at all. Instead, they will ask for medical notes when you make a claim. This is to verify if the condition you are being treated for is covered under the policy or if it may have been pre-existing. 

Medicals can also be an opportunity for a reduction in premium costs by being able to prove you are in good health and living a healthy lifestyle. Not all health insurance providers may require a medical to take place but it could be worth checking with the health insurance NI company first before committing.

Does NI medical insurance have excesses? 

It is likely that any health insurance policy in Northern Ireland will charge an excess. Like any insurance policy, the excess is the part that the insured party must pay themselves towards a claim.
It might be an option for you to choose a higher excess for an increased amount of benefits or lower premiums. But this could mean you end up paying more than you need to in the long run, so it is worth comparing all of your options and thoroughly reading the details of any policy before you commit. 

Who can be covered by Northern Ireland health insurance?

Individual health insurance

For any person living in Northern Ireland, having the peace of mind that they have health insurance in place should they become ill could be extremely valuable. This type of cover typically provides cover for a named individual. Being able to take advantage of health insurance as an individual could mean having reduced stress whilst ill and having the potential to know you could be back on your feet sooner than if using NHS.

Joint health insurance

When you’re part of a couple, nobody really wants to think about a time when one of you may fall ill. However, having health insurance NI in place could mean added reassurance if the worst does happen. 

Having the ability to access treatment quickly and efficiently may mean a better chance of recovery. It could also mean not having to worry about the cost of treatment. Like any type of insurance policy, it could be useful to compare health insurance policies first so you don’t pay over the odds and get the policy that best suits your exact needs.

Family health insurance

You might expect family health insurance to be costly, but having a policy in place for all the family could offer much needed protection in the event that someone falls ill. Having a sick family member can be a very distressing time, and having access to private healthcare whilst being covered under a health insurance policy could be very important to many families.

Child health insurance

For great peace of mind some parents might opt to purchase health insurance for their children so they can access private treatment if needed. You can compare health insurance to find inexpensive coverage in case a child or young person needs to access treatment outside of the NHS. Child health insurance might be preferred as opposed to taking out a family policy, but comparing all the alternatives can make sure you find the best coverage for your children.

When looking for NI health coverage it’s best to know your exact needs as well as the benefits you want and the price you can pay. One easy way to find a policy that balances these is to compare health insurance NI policies online. This way you can clearly compare your options and make an informed choice, knowing you will be covered in Northern Ireland by a reputable health insurance provider. 

*Clients saved an average 23%, by switching insurers via Howden Life and Health. The average saving was £495.34 per year. These figures are based on a review of 200 clients that switched to a comparable or better policy. (100 clients in August 2021 and 100 clients December 2021)

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