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Motorhome Insurance Northern Ireland

Motorhome insurance for Northern Ireland residents is essential if you want to take your vehicle on the roads.

Unlike traditional car insurance, finding Motorhome Insurance in Northern Ireland can be difficult as it is a specialised policy that fewer companies or brokers will be able to provide. CompareNI are here to help!

If you live in Northern Ireland you might want to find a cheap insurance policy to suit your needs. Our comparison system could take the hassle out of finding Motorhome Insurance in NI.

With our system simply fill in your information and details, and we’ll select companies from our panel of insurance providers who might be able to help you find a great deal on your Motorhome Insurance. Our selected panel of insurance providers should contact you directly with their most competitive quotes. We are an independent company that doesn’t have a bias to one company or another. Simply complete our online quotation request from, and we’ll try to help you compare quotes that could save you both time and money!

Motor Home Insurance Guide

Owning a motor home may mean access to holidays where the accommodation is always there with the owner. It opens the way to stopping anywhere for a rest, and booking into campsites and caravan sites to stop for the night. A motor home could range from an entry-level model to a far more advanced and luxurious model.

Whatever model someone has, it is important to compare motor home insurance that could provide more than just peace-of-mind for the owner. Below is a comprehensive guide to this form of insurance, so anyone with a motor home could perhaps find it simpler to understand which policy to get.

Is it necessary to get a motor home insured?

In a word, yes. Just as a car must be insured by law, so must a motor home. Unlike a caravan, which is towed behind a vehicle, a motor home is driven. As such, a proper motor home insurance NI policy would normally be required before it could be driven legally on the roads anywhere in the UK.

Different kinds of motor home insurance Northern Ireland

Motor home owners in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK have three options to choose from. These are detailed below:

  • Third party insurance:
    This is generally the absolute minimum amount of cover required to comply with the law. If the motor home owner causes an accident, they might be heartened to know they could be covered for any damage they cause to other vehicles or property. Liability cover could also be included in this policy, to account for any injuries caused to others, including anyone in the motor home at the time of the accident.
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance:
    This is the next level up. Apart from the cover detailed above, it could also pay out in the event of a fire in the motor home, as well as if it was stolen. It may also cover any other damage caused to the motor home in the event it was recovered after being stolen.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance:
    This provides everything mentioned in the two forms of insurance above. However, it could also provide extensive peace-of-mind in knowing the costs of repairing or replacing the motor home would be covered in the event the driver causes damage. It may perhaps be wise to compare fully-comprehensive insurance policies for motor homes if the driver wishes to get this form of cover. It may be advisable to look for fully-comp insurance in cases where the motor home is brand new, or would be expensive to fix or replace.
How many drivers need to be insured?

There could be an option to make sure more than one driver is included on a motor home insurance policy. If the driving is to be shared, each driver would need to be named on the policy for it to be valid.

How easy is it to find cheap motor home insurance?

There could be ways a motor home owner could reduce their premiums. For example, paying a higher excess could reduce the amount they might pay each month. However, the amount they choose could be one they would be happy to pay in the event a claim had to be made.

Mileage is another area that may lead to cheaper premiums. The less mileage the motor home does, the less chance there might be of needing to claim on the insurance. Joining a recognised motor home club could also produce another discount opportunity. Any anti-theft measures might also be good to have in place. They could reduce the chances of theft and thereby may also produce reduced insurance costs. Incidentally, all motor home owners could perhaps help keep the security levels good by locking all doors and windows whenever the motor home is not in use or is left, even for a short time.

Considering contents cover as well

Motor home insurance might provide cover for the motor home itself. However, many motor homes will have personal possessions inside. Some may be stored there permanently, while others might be on board for the duration of a trip or holiday. There could still be a possibility of getting motor home insurance cheap deals that include contents insurance as well as insurance on the actual motor home. It could be wise for the owner to make sure they know the value of the items on board, to make sure the insurance cover provided could be good enough in the event of a claim.

With that said, some home insurance policies might provide coverage for personal items even when they are out of the home. It might be worth it for the owner to check the policy prior to getting motor home cover, in case this element of insurance is not needed.

Shopping online for a proper comparison

Motor home cover can be more specialised than general vehicle cover. As such, it could be profitable to go to a specialist insurer that has experience in underwriting insurance for motor home owners.

By getting quotes from a handful of specialist providers, it could be easier for an owner to find a cheaper and more cost-effective insurance policy to purchase. It is generally not a good idea to skimp on cover. However, many owners find that by shopping around and comparing the small print on these policies, it could be easier to find a suitable policy that could cover everything that is required.