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ℹ️ VEHICLE AGE: Maximum 12 years
🚙 MILEAGE: Maximum 120k
📄 TERM: 12 to 36 months
🚘 VEHICLE TYPE: Car and van

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🚙 MILEAGE: Maximum 150k
📄 TERM: 12 to 36 months
🚘 VEHICLE TYPE: Car and van

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ℹ️ VEHICLE AGE: Maximum 12 years
🚙 MILEAGE: Maximum 140k
📄 TERM: 12 to 36 months
🚘 VEHICLE TYPE: Car, van, motorcycles, motorhomes & caravans

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ℹ️ VEHICLE AGE: Maximum 12 years
🚙 MILEAGE: Maximum 150k
📄 TERM: 12 to 36 months
🚘 VEHICLE TYPE: Car and van

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ℹ️ VEHICLE AGE: Maximum 12 years
🚙 MILEAGE: Maximum 120k
📄 TERM: 12 to 36 months
🚘 VEHICLE TYPE: Car and van

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Car warranty guide

Northern Ireland car owners may take out car warranty insurance which could typically offer financial assistance for parts and labour on vehicle repairs. Should a vehicle encounter a mechanical or electrical fault from a covered part then a car warranty policy may pay out to cover these costs. Many people could consider buying warranty cover NI in order to avoid paying repair costs which may arise unexpectedly and could be more than any individual could afford.
A car warranty NI policy may be short or long term and could range from 1 month to 5 years. For the most part a person might find that a policy could be renewed annually in the same way that a typical car insurance policy might.

Types of car warranty

Manufacturer’s warranty

Brand new cars tend to come complete with a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years. This may be 5 years for some vehicles. These warranties may be subject to certain conditions and it may be possible to extend them at the end of the term.
Some used vehicles usually from dealer franchises may also have a manufacturer’s warranty. This again could be dependent on certain circumstances and may mean staying within a certain mileage and servicing timetable.

Used car warranty

When purchasing a used vehicle from an independent dealer it may be possible to purchase a used car warranty. Typically these are short term, lasting between 3 and 12 months. It could be necessary to only used approved garages and it may also have various exclusions so it could be worth checking the small print before committing.

After-market warranty

This type of warranty is usually taken out separately by the vehicle owner and could enable them to tailor to their individual needs. The type of cover possible could depend on the vehicle type and age as well as the miles covered. Some specialist or high performance vehicles may be excluded so it could be worth checking in advance before committing to a particular policy.

What is covered by a car warranty?
Each individual NI car warranty is likely to be different so before signing up to anything then it is likely that the prospective policy holder may want to check out all the finer details thoroughly to check what is covered. That said then largely speaking a standard car warranty policy might cover the following major components:
Engine, Fuel and ignition systems, Transmission, Cooling, Electrics, Gearbox, Suspension, Steering and non-frictional brake and clutch parts.
It might also be possible to negotiate a particular part to be included as part of the policy depending on the insurer and the part in question.

General wear and tear

When driving a vehicle around there is usually standard wear and tear that occurs and may be expected. As such some car warranties might exclude wear and tear or ask for a contribution towards parts or components that have been subject to wear and tear. Checking a warranty in advance to ensure a vehicle qualifies for wear and tear or not could be important as it could result in a claim being rejected.

Benefits of a car warranty

Having a car warranty in place for a vehicle in Northern Ireland could give valuable peace of mind to owners who could know that they’re not going to be hit by any unpleasant repair costs.
If a car develops a fault or breaks down completely then having it taken care of by a reputable garage at no cost could be very pleasing.
Some car warranties could also include vehicle recovery and breakdown cover which again could provide much needed reassurance to drivers.
Having an after market car warranty could enable vehicle owners to tailor their insurance needs based on their individual requirements rather than being at the mercy of a one size fits all standard. A company could also offer additional savings or product discounts on other related services.

Purchasing a car warranty

One of the best places to start shopping for a car warranty might be online. It could be possible to compare car warranty policies and determine which has the best to offer customers in NI.
It is likely that the vehicle in question may need to have a valid MOT as well as a full service in the past 12 months before being approved for car warranty. It may also be a requirement of a warranty policy that servicing is carried out regularly. A vehicle owner would need to agree to these terms otherwise they may risk voiding any warranty they may purchase.
If a person may be thinking of changing their vehicle then it could be worth checking that a policy is transferable to a new vehicle mid-term.
It may be possible to secure a cheap car warranty however it could very much depend on the age and type of vehicle as well as the individual’s personal details and driving history.

Is a car warranty worth it?

Having an NI car warranty may not be for everyone which is why it could be important to shop around for the right policy. For some the costs outweigh the potential benefits but for those with a standard vehicle then it could be the best way of getting repair costs covered and avoiding unplanned expenses.
It could be wise to compare car warranty cover to make sure that the vehicle owner gets value for money on any car policy of this type.

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