Driving without insurance NI


We’ve all been tempted at some point…telling yourself it’s just to go pick up milk or you won’t be gone that long may make driving without insurance not seem like a big deal. However getting caught without insurance can leave you open to a whole host of problems…and the number of NI drivers on the road without the correct insurance is increasing.

What happens if caught driving without insurance?

If you get caught without a licence then you can expect to receive a £300 fixed penalty and 6 penalty points on your licence. Just having 3 penalty points on your licence can increase premiums by as much as 25%. Police have also committed to reducing the number of uninsured drivers on the road. They have promised to do this through initiatives such as Operation Tutelage. If a vehicle checks up as uninsured on police systems and the motor insurance database, then a letter will be sent to the registered keeper encouraging them to insure the vehicle. Getting caught by police can also potentially lead to the case going to court if you dispute the police decision. In court, you could potentially get an unlimited fine and also be disqualified from driving if found guilty.

If your vehicle is kept on public land then the law requires that it is constantly insured. If your car is not in use and is kept on private ground, you will need to declare it as off-road to the DVLA.

An IN10 endorsement is the conviction code used for driving without insurance and such a conviction can stay on your driving licence for 4 years.

What is the maximum fine for driving without insurance?

If your case goes to court then you can technically be vulnerable to an unlimited fine. This means that the court can fine you any amount they deem fitting for your case. Driving without in insurance will typically end in a £300 fine and six penalty points on your licence. This can impact your future insurance premiums when you do get insured and make them significantly more expensive.

How many points for driving without insurance?

You can expect to receive at least 6 penalty points for driving without insurance unless there are ‘special reasons’ why this should not happen. You will need to convince the court that you acted within reason and responsibly however for this to be the case. An example of a ‘special reason’ would be the insurer cancelling the policy without adequately communicating this to the policyholder.

Why insurance companies care about your penalty points.

An insurer will want to know how many points and convictions you’ve had as this is a good indicator of how risky you will be to insure. If a driver has penalty points they are typically partaking in risky driving that either violates the law or puts themselves and others at risk. This is exactly what insurers try to avoid as if they insure risky drivers too cheaply, they’ll likely lose money when the claims come in.

What happens if I only need to drive for a day?

If you are only needing to be temporarily covered then a day or temporary insurance policy can cover you for the vehicle you’ll be driving. This type of coverage is perfect for those who are only looking to test drive a car or doing a road trip and want to split the driving. Whatever your reasons for only needing temporary cover, you’ll still need to be insured no matter how briefly you’ll be driving.

The impact of driving without insurance on others

Uninsured driving is a risk to everyone as being involved in an accident whilst without a minimum of third-party cover means you may not be able to afford to cover damages you cause. Uninsured drivers also increase the costs of premiums for all other drivers on the road. This is because insurance companies need to factor in the costs of paying out damages to the victims of uninsured drivers.

How do you get caught driving without insurance?

There are a few ways in which you can get caught for driving without insurance in the UK. The first is the most obvious cause which involves getting pulled over by a police officer or stopped at a checkpoint. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are also another common way law enforcement monitor for who is driving without insurance on UK roads. If caught driving uninsured by an ANPR, you’ll be mailed a fixed penalty notice. If you are also involved in an accident then your insurance details will clearly be requested. If you are uninsured you can be reported.

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