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Some people invariably go away more than once a year. If you tend to do this even if you take one regular holiday and then add on a couple of weekends away – cheap annual trip travel insurance could be a good bet to cover all your needs.

CompareNI can provide you with a good starting point to make an online comparison incredibly easy. Our website is set up to provide you with one form to use to access quotes from a wide range of insurance providers. This means you don’t have to find the time to fill in form after form just the one might do.

Another perk is that everything is displayed online so you don’t have to field lots of phone calls if you don’t really have the time to do so. It could be easy to compare annual trip travel insurance because you will see quote after quote on a single screen. Our website does everything on your behalf everything except choose the ideal annual trip travel insurance of course!

The good thing about picking annual trip travel insurance is that it is in place for an entire year. If you suddenly decide to go away for the weekend on a last minute whim, you know you have the insurance already in place. As such cheap annual trip travel insurance deals are good for NI residents who know they travel a great deal.

So if you havent yet started, compare our deals at now to see if you can secure some impressive prices on annual cover while spending as little time as possible doing it. After all, wouldn’t you rather be planning your next break instead of wondering whether you have found the right cover to protect you all the way there and back?