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Lurgan is situated just south of Lough Neagh and is around 18 miles from Belfast. Lurgan has experienced recent expansion and progress and has experienced an upgrade in infrastructure, amenities and transportation connections. This has made it an attractive place to live, evidenced by its growing population of around 235,000 people. However, if you call Lurgan home, you may have some questions about how your specific location impacts your car insurance. As your local experts in car insurance comparison, understands the unique needs of local drivers. So regardless of whether you navigate the roads in Taghnevan or Tannaghmore, we understand having the right car insurance is paramount. That’s why we focus on giving you quick and easy access to quotes from over 110 reputable insurers to find the perfect policy at the right price.  

Some frequently asked questions on car insurance in Lurgan.  

Local factors specific to a Lurgan postcode:  

How much does it cost to insure a car in Lurgan? 

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all cost of Lurgan car insurance. Premium calculations involve considering various factors such as your driving history, age, and location within the town. Within Lurgan itself, there may be variations in cost depending on the area. For example, living in areas like Aghacommon or Waringstown may have different considerations than areas closer to the town centre. offers a user-friendly platform where you can input these details and receive quotes from over 100 car insurance providers specific to your unique circumstances.  

Is it cheaper to insure a car in Lurgan than in Belfast? 

Generally, car insurance in Lurgan may offer more competitive rates compared to Belfast. Lurgan has a modest population of around 25,000 people in comparison to Belfast’s 300,000. This is significant as factors such as lower population density and potentially lower crime rates contribute to insurance costs. Similar to many towns, Lurgan has increased traffic around morning and evening commutes, particularly on major roads like Craigavon Road, Belfast Road and Moira Road. However, it generally experiences reduced traffic congestion in comparison to larger cities like Belfast or Newry.  

What risk factors will influence the cost of my Lurgan car insurance? 

Several risk factors play a role in determining the cost of your car insurance in Lurgan. Your age, occupation, and the type of property you reside in can impact the premium, particularly if your residence has a driveway or secure parking facilities. Additionally, local factors like traffic density, crime rates, and proximity to essential services may influence insurance costs in Lurgan. 

How will the cost of Lurgan car insurance be calculated?  

The cost of your car insurance policy in Lurgan is determined by a variety of factors. Insurers consider elements such as your driving history, age, the make and model of your vehicle, and your Lurgan postcode. While the town’s picturesque landscapes may imply a lower risk, other factors such as specific areas within Lurgan, traffic patterns, and local crime rates also play a role. Understanding how these factors influence your premium calculation can help you make informed choices when selecting your car insurance policy. 

Will my age affect the cost of this policy? 

Your age will indeed play a significant role in your car insurance premium for Lurgan. Generally, younger drivers (under 25) face significantly higher insurance costs compared to older individuals. This stems from several factors from limited driving experience to higher accident rates. research data shows that young people in Northern Ireland pay an average of nearly £1,400 for car insurance in 2024. However, remember age isn’t everything and insurers often provide discounts for various factors, such as safe driving records or no claims histories. Regularly checking for available discounts and comparing policies ensures you capitalise on opportunities to further reduce your insurance costs. 

What about my occupation, will that affect the cost of Lurgan car insurance? 

Your occupation can significantly change your car insurance rates. Insurers analyse occupation-related risk factors, influencing premium calculations. Jobs requiring extensive driving or considered high-risk may lead to higher premiums, while lower-risk professions could result in cheaper insurance quotes.  

Will my policy be cheaper if my house in Lurgan has a driveway? 

Where you park your car overnight can significantly impact your premium. Parking your vehicle securely in a garage or driveway often means insurers will view this as a deterrent to theft and vandalism, therefore reducing the risk of a claim. So always give as much information as possible when you’re completing your comparing quotes.  

Should I use a Lurgan car insurance broker? 

You could explore what a local car insurance broker can offer you for your coverage. However, comparison sites like will likely offer you a greater variety of quotes to choose from. This is on top of the convenience of having them all in one place, making it easier than ever to find cheaper insurance. If you are specifically looking for local insurers, it is worth getting quotes from each of these when you’re ready to take out a car insurance policy. With you can get quotes from insurers like Apricot Insurance and also compare their quotes with prices from UK-wide insurance providers. 

How can I find the cheapest car insurance quotes in Lurgan? 

It’s important to explore a variety of options that could help reduce your premium. Consider shopping around and comparing quotes on, This will allow you to see the range of options different providers offer. It is also important to think about adjusting your coverage level, increasing your voluntary excess, restricting your mileage, and enhancing your vehicle’s security as they can all also contribute to obtaining more favourable premiums. 

Below are six key steps you can take to reduce your premiums in Lurgan:  

  1. Shopping around and comparing quotes – This is one of the easiest ways of finding cheaper Lurgan insurance. By comparing multiple quotes, you can increase your chances of finding cheaper car insurance. 
  1. Choosing the right coverage level – Whilst it can be nice knowing you have extra coverage, it isn’t always necessary. You should consider if you need certain levels of coverage, or if they are excessive. 
  1. Increase your excess – By electing to increase your excess amount you can effectively reduce your premiums as the insurer will essentially pay out less in the event of a claim. However, be sure you choose an amount you can afford to pay. 
  1. Maintain a good driving record – Don’t get any penalty points as your insurance rate can increase by as much as 25% with just three points.  
  1. Consider installing a car alarm or engine immobiliser – These measures enhance the safety of your vehicle, lowering the risk of theft or damage which can lead to reduced premiums with some insurers.  
  1. Check for discounts – Lots of insurers will offer deals and discounts for particular policies. These typically include telematics or black box policies or pay as you go insurance. 

Keep in mind that insurance needs to work for both your budget and coverage needs so you are not left underinsured in the event of an accident. Therefore, it’s important to find a policy that meets your specific needs and provides the correct coverage for your circumstances.