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Strabane is a popular town in west Tyrone, Northern Ireland with historical charm and stunning scenery. However, if you call Strabane home, you are probably here to understand more about how your local area impacts your car insurance premiums. And that’s where we can help. At we understand the unique needs of local Strabane drivers. So, whether you call Ballycolman or Lisnafin home, we offer an impartial car insurance comparison platform, helping you to find the policy you need at the right price.   

Local factors specific to a Strabane postcode:  

How much does a Strabane car insurance policy typically cost? 

This is a great question, but unfortunately, it’s not always a straightforward answer. That’s because the cost of your car insurance isn’t always a simple calculation. It instead involves insurers considering a mix of factors such as your driving history, age, and location within Strabane. Different insurers will assign different importance to each of these factors which is why your premiums will vary from one provider to another.  

Is car insurance in Strabane more expensive than other parts of Tyrone? 

Generally, insurance premiums will differ between areas within Tyrone. This is due to factors such as local crime rates, traffic density, and the prevalence of insurance claims in each specific area. Strabane may have slightly higher premiums compared to rural areas within Tyrone. However, you’ll likely still benefit from relatively competitive rates compared to other parts of Northern Ireland like Belfast.  

Besides my Strabane postcode, what other risk factors influence my car insurance premium? 

There is no doubt that your location plays a big part in your insurance calculation. But there are lots of other risk factors that insurers will consider as well, including:  

  • Your age: If you’re a younger driver, unfortunately, you’re viewed as a higher risk by an insurer. So your premium will likely be more expensive.  
  • Your driving experience: The more time you’ve spent behind the wheel, the lower your risk of being involved in an accident can be. Experienced drivers can expect to pay a lower premium than new drivers. 
  • Your claims history: Any past accidents or claims on your Strabane car insurance means you’d expect to pay more for your premium.  
  • The type of car you drive: The higher the market value and engine power of your car, the more expensive your premium will typically be. This is because it can cost insurers a lot more to fix them if they are damaged.  
  • The level of coverage you choose: Fully comprehensive insurance provides more coverage, but it’s usually more expensive too. Third-party-only cover can be cheaper, but you will miss out on cover for anything outside of other people’s property and injuries. 
  • Your voluntary excess: The voluntary excess is the amount that you agree to pay towards any claim. Upping this often reduces your premium. But remember to only set your excess at an amount you can realistically afford to pay.  

Is car insurance in Northern Ireland more expensive, even in small towns like Strabane? 

Historically the higher risk profile of NI drivers and the number of rural roads has resulted in higher premiums, but this is no longer the case. In more recent years, premiums for UK counterparts have been pushed up. For example, places like London and the West Midlands have experienced hikes of around 60% for car insurance during the last few years alone. So, although Northern Ireland’s premiums have also increased, the gap between the UK and Northern Ireland is not what it used to be.  

If my house in Strabane has a garage, is it true that I’ll get cheaper insurance because of that? 

Yes, this should contribute to getting cheaper premiums if you regularly park your car there overnight. So, if you do have access to a secure garage or driveway then make sure you let your insurer know. The ability to park your car overnight in a secure location will be viewed positively as it contributes to safety and can act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism. This in turn reduces the risk of claims which will be a positive for insurers. So always give as much information as possible when you’re completing your quote form. 

Does Strabane car insurance include insuring me to drive over the border? 

Yes, UK car insurance should cover you for this – but make sure to double-check if you are unsure. Your Strabane car insurance is likely to automatically provide third-party cover for driving over the border. However, always consult your specific policy wording as having a fully comprehensive policy in the UK, doesn’t necessarily extend the same level of coverage in Ireland. Remember if you regularly commute over the border it’s important you let your insurer know so they’re aware as this could impact the type of coverage you need.  


Which is likely to get me the best quote, a Strabane car insurance broker or’s car insurance comparison service? 

Both options have the potential to help you find car insurance for Strabane. Local brokers may offer a face-to-face service which could be beneficial if you have special needs that need to be discussed in person. However, comparison sites like give you a more comprehensive picture of costs tailored to you across the wider UK insurance market. With you can view over 110 NI and UK-wide insurers while comparing different coverage levels to see how they impact your overall price. Remember, while finding cheap car insurance is important, don’t let that be the only focus. Being underinsured can cost you as much or even more in the long run if you have an accident and have to pay out of pocket for certain damages. Make sure you thoroughly review policy details to check you have the coverage you need and can realistically afford the amount you would be personally liable for in the event of a claim.