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Car Insurance Coleraine 

Coleraine sits just inland from the North coast and together with the nearby seaside towns of Portrush and Portstewart, this area has become a popular living destination. However, if you’re part of the 24,000 people who call Coleraine home, you may have some questions about how your car insurance is impacted by your specific location. As your local experts in car insurance comparison, understands the unique needs of local drivers. So regardless of whether you navigate the roads in Ballysally or Mountsandel, we understand having the right car insurance is paramount. bring ease to your search, allowing you to compare quotes from over 110 reputable insurers so you can find the perfect policy and price for you.  

Some frequently asked questions on car insurance in Coleraine.  

Local factors specific to a Coleraine postcode:  

How much does car insurance in Coleraine cost? 

Understanding the average cost of car insurance in Coleraine is an important starting point for every driver. Factors such as your driving history and the type of coverage you choose play significant roles in determining your premium. Your Coleraine postcode is also a significant factor when insurers set your car insurance premium. Coleraine itself may experience variations in insurance costs depending on the postcode. offers a user-friendly platform where you can input these details and receive quotes from over 110 insurance providers specific to your unique circumstances.  

Is car insurance in Coleraine cheaper than in Belfast? 

In contrast to larger cities like Belfast or Newry, Coleraine benefits from a lower population and reduced congestion. The town itself utilises a one-way system so the traffic moves smoothly. However unfortunately, according to our recent article on crime data for towns and cities within NI, Coleraine has experienced a spike in burglaries recently and is ranked fourth in Northern Ireland for the number of incidents from July 2022 to July 2023. However, whilst insurers consider the crime rate factor, it’s crucial to recognise that your driving history, security measures for your vehicle, and your specific car details also play a pivotal role in determining premiums. Therefore, taking proactive steps within your control is advisable to minimise your insurance premium.   

How can I find the cheapest car insurance quotes in Coleraine? 

It’s important to explore a variety of options that could help reduce your premium, consider shopping around and comparing quotes on which will allow you to see the range of options different providers offer. It is also important to think about adjusting your coverage level, increasing your voluntary excess, and restricting your mileage as this can all contribute to obtaining more favourable premiums. 

Below are six steps you can take to reduce your Coleraine car insurance costs:  

  1. Shopping around and comparing quotes – This is a fast and accessible way of finding cheaper insurance. By comparing multiple quotes you can increase your chances of finding cheaper insurance quotes. 
  1. Choosing the right coverage level – Choosing comprehensive coverage will be more expensive than a third party only policy.  
  1. Increase your excess – Higher excess means insurers may need to pay out less in the event of a claim so they could reward this with lower premiums. 
  1. Maintain a good driving record – Don’t get any penalty points as just getting three can mean you pay as much as 25% more for insurance. 
  1. Consider installing a car alarm or engine immobiliser – These measures can reduce premiums as they enhance the safety of your vehicle, lowering the risk of theft or damage. 
  1. Consider alternative policies – Pay-as-you-go, telematics and black box insurance are all usage-based policies which can often be cheaper. 

Are there specific insurance brokers in Coleraine that specialise in insuring cars here? 

Coleraine has a range of local insurance brokers familiar with the unique dynamics of the area. However, not only specialise in Northern Ireland insurance, but they can also provide quotes from local insurance companies that only serve drivers in Northern Ireland. By using you not only get quotes from NI insurers, but you can also compare these with prices from UK-wide insurance providers. This can effectively ensure you are not overpaying for insurance, and you can make more informed choices. 

Factors beyond postcode influencing insurance costs: 

Beyond your postcode, various factors play into insurance costs. can give you insight into these considerations, offering details of how your occupation, parking arrangements, and other risk factors contribute to the overall expense of your car insurance policy. 

Can I still get Coleraine car insurance if I have driving convictions? 

If you’ve faced legal challenges and have a criminal record, securing car insurance may pose difficulties and potentially come with higher costs. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Exploring options with both local brokers and online comparison tools like ourselves will allow you to find coverage that suits your specific situation.   

Whether dealing with a drink driving conviction, disqualification, or penalty points, the challenges vary, with insurers potentially refusing coverage or imposing higher premiums. It’s crucial to disclose convictions to avoid invalidating your policy. Options like telematics insurance, adjusting voluntary excess, limiting mileage, and enhancing vehicle security may help in obtaining more favourable convicted driver premiums

If my house in Coleraine includes a driveway or garage will that mean I can find cheaper insurance quotes? 

Parking your vehicle securely in a garage or private driveway can often mean lower premiums. Insurers will view this as a deterrent to theft and vandalism therefore reducing the risk of a claim. So always give as much information as possible when you’re completing your quote form.  

If I’m a young driver in Coleraine can I still find cheap car insurance quotes here? 

If you’re a young driver in Coleraine, you’re not alone. The presence of Ulster University, Coleraine campus contributes to a dynamic demographic, and insurers are well aware of the unique driving profile in the area. While being a young driver often comes with higher insurance premiums, affordable car insurance options are still available. Additionally, utilising online comparison tools at allows you to explore a range of options. This is key to ensuring that you find the most affordable car insurance quotes in Coleraine that cater to the needs of young drivers. 

Remember, insurers often provide discounts for various factors, such as safe driving records or installing safety features in your vehicle. Regularly checking for available discounts means you can capitalise on opportunities to further reduce your insurance costs.