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Pedal Bike Insurance NI: Compare cheap Northern Ireland pedal bike insurance quotes online

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular in Northern Ireland, with more than a third of people in the province now owning some type of pedal bike, be they road bikes, triathlon bikes or mountain bikes.

While the cost of a new bicycle can range anywhere from £100 up to £10,000, a surprisingly large number of cycling enthusiasts opt for a high-end pedal bikes – which means they have a lot to gain from a low-cost pedal bike insurance policy.

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NI Pedal Bike Insurance: a straightforward guide

How much does push bike insurance cost in Northern Ireland?

Pedal bike insurance providers use a range of different variables in their insurance premium calculations, many of which are unique to you – for instance, your location, the crime rate in your area, the type of pedal bike you own, how much that bike is worth, the type of bicycle lock you use when securing your mountainbike and whether or not that locking device is insurer-approved.

Given that there’s no easy way to predict the premium you’re likely to be quoted, the best plan is to use our NI bicycle insurance comparison system to compare pedal bike insurance quotes from a range of providers, and then go for the provider that’s offering you the most suitable policy at the most competitive price.

What does pedal bike insurance cover?

That largely depends on the particular insurance provider you decide to go with, as well as the kind of policy you take out with them, but many of the best pedal bike insurance policies will cover you for some or all of the following:

  • The risk of theft: Approximately 300,000 bicycles are stolen in the UK each year, and a suitable push bike insurance policy is a relatively cheap way to protect yourself against the risk of your own road bike being stolen.
  • The risk of a personal liability claim: There’s a chance a cyclist might be held personally liable if they injure a pedestrian or damage a third party’s property and don’t have suitable insurance in place.
  • The risk of personal injury: If you’re injured yourself while riding your pedal bike some bicycle insurance policies may include a pay-out to cover medical bills and/or loss of earnings.
Is pedal bike insurance a legal requirement in Northern Ireland?

No, it’s perfectly legal for you to cycle your pedal bike on the roads in Northern Ireland without NI bicycle insurance.

Still, pedal bike insurance is worth considering even though it isn’t a legal requirement, particularly if you own a high-end pedal bike that is worth many hundreds or even thousands of pounds.