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Mountain Bike Insurance NI: Compare cheap Northern Ireland mountain bike insurance quotes online

Mountain bikes might be designed for mountainous terrain (and it’s fair to say Northern Ireland has plenty of that), but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your mountain bike to venture forth on the province’s highways and byways.

Wherever you let your mountain bike carry you though, it might be a good idea to compare NI mountain bike insurance quotes through a price comparison site like Not only could this type of policy cover you if your mountain bike is stolen or vandalised, but some of the best mountain bike insurance policies will also cover cycling liability claims or personal injury expenses.

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Insuring a mountainbike in Northern Ireland: a straightforward guide

How much does mountainbike insurance cost in Northern Ireland?

Mountainbike insurance providers use a range of different variables in their insurance premium calculations, many of which are unique to you – for instance, your location, the crime rate in your area, the type of mountainbike you own, how much the mountainbike is worth, the type of bicycle lock you use when securing your mountainbike and whether or not that locking device is insurer-approved.

The best plan is to use our NI bicycle insurance comparison system to compare quotes from a range of providers, and then go for the provider that’s offering you the most suitable policy at the most competitive price.

Is it legal to cycle a mountainbike on the roads in Northern Ireland without bicycle insurance?

Yes, whether you own a road bike, a mountain bike, a triathlon bike or some other kind of bicycle it’s perfectly legal for you to cycle on the roads in Northern Ireland without NI bicycle insurance.

However, even though it isn’t a legal requirement mountainbike insurance is still worth considering, particularly if you own a high-end mountainbike or you rely on your bicycle for your daily commute.

Does Northern Ireland mountain bike insurance cover theft?

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Yes, cover for theft is a standard feature of all Northern Ireland mountainbike insurance policies.

However, you’ll have to take appropriate security precautions when securing your mountainbike in order to ensure an insurance claim is valid.

For instance, if you’ve told your insurance provider that you use a ‘Sold Secure’ lock to secure your mountainbike this type of lock will need to be in use when the bike is stolen. Similarly, if you advised your insurer that you store your mountainbike in a locked garage when it’s at your home it would need to be kept in the garage, otherwise a claim for bicycle theft may well be refused.

Will mountain bike insurance cover the cost if a cyclist damages a car?

Yes, provided your Northern Ireland mountain bike insurance policy includes ‘cycling liability cover’ you should be covered if you damage someone’s car while riding your bike.

In practice that means your insurance provider should cover the cost of repairing the paintwork or removing dents from the car’s metalwork if your policy includes this feature, although you will be required to cover the bicycle insurance excess yourself.

How can I find cheap NI mountain bike insurance?

First and foremost, you should use to compare mountain bike insurance quotes from a range of providers, which makes it more likely that you’ll find a suitable policy at a competitive price.

Beyond that. the following steps could also help to increase your odds of finding cheap NI bicycle insurance:

  • Using a ‘Sold Secure’ bicycle lock when you’re chaining up your bicycle: If you work in Belfast, Derry~Londonderry, Craigavon or Lisburn and you cycle to work each day you may be lucky enough to have access to a company bicycle rack in your office carpark. But no matter where you’re chaining the bike up you should benefit from cheaper insurance quotes if you use an insurer-approved bicycle lock, and ‘Sold Secure’ locks are usually recognised as some of the best options.
  • Registering your push bike on, the country’s national cycle register database: It’s free to register, and if you also buy one of the register’s security marking kits the cost of your insurance could fall a little.
  • Opt for a higher voluntary excess: If you increase the excess on your insurance policy you could be offered cheaper NI bicycle insurance premiums.