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Northern Ireland PDI Insurance

As a potential driving instructor (PDI) you could be on your way to a new full time career or a lucrative second stream of income. There is a lot to learn when training to be an approved driving instructor (ADI), but we can make finding insurance easy. 

You’ll already have noticed the number of regulations around this type of training. This is because it can pose genuine risks to yourself, your pupils and others. Obviously, learners will make mistakes but this doesn’t have to be a constant source of worry. The right insurer can give you peace of mind that you will be taken care of in the event of an accident. 

Like ADI Insurance, PDI driving instructor insurance is a legal requirement in Norhtern Ireland. Standard car insurance does not cover driving lessons, so you need specialised insurance to protect your vehicle, yourself, your students and your business. We at work with experienced driving instructor insurance specialists who can put your mind at ease.

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Just like other insurance, finding the cheapest deal that covers you as a PDI is about shopping around and comparing quotes. At, we work with insurers who specialise in Northern Ireland insurance. When you compare with us, you’re getting a quick, unbiased rundown of various affordable insurance companies that can provide you with cheap NI PDI car insurance.

How much does PDI insurance cost in Northern Ireland?

Like with regular car insurance, the cost of PDI insurance varies from policy to policy. This relies on a few things, some you’ll already know if you have bought car insurance in the past. 

A few of the factors that affect the cost of your Northern Irish car insurance for PDI include:

  • Engine size
  • Your claims and conviction history
  • Annual mileage
  • The level of your PDI training
  • Whether your vehicle has dual controls
  • Your location
  • Whether you are training part or full time

The quickest way to find out the cost of PDI insurance for you is to enter a few simple details and get quotes from multiple insurers today.

How can I get cheaper PDI insurance in NI?

There are a few things you can do to keep your insurance premium down. They all have the same bottom line; you want to put yourself, your student and others at as low a risk of damage or accident as possible. 

Some of these could help to reduce the cost of insuring your car:

  1. Secure your vehicle 

Passing vehicles and thieves are a risk to your vehicle if it’s parked on public roads. So parking in a private yard or garage overnight can make your insurance cheaper. Installing devices like alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems can also lower costs with some insurers. 

  1. Keeping claims to a minimum

Obviously, no one intends to have a lot of claims, but practising caution can mean you have fewer claims in the long term. For example, keeping your car in a good state of repair and having it regularly serviced means there is less chance of major breakdowns and faults, so you claim less.

  1. Avoid motoring convictions

Being aware of and following Northern Irish road laws should be easy for a PDI. So luckily keeping to speed limits, following road signage and not driving under the influence can help decrease insurance premiums. 

  1. Shop around for insurance 

Driving schools will often offer PDI and ADI insurance but it’s not always cost effective to buy the first quote you see. lets you compare multiple Northern Irish PDI insurance quotes that could offer you the same cover at a cheaper price. 

Does my location affect the cost of my NI PDI Insurance?

Larger cities like Belfast have higher crime rates than other areas in Northern Ireland which can drive up your premiums, particularly if you park your car on the road overnight. If the option is available to you it’s best to keep your car in a private yard or garage and avoid leaving any possessions inside that might entice thieves or malicious damage.

Likewise built up, busy areas like towns are seen as providing more potential hazards when driving than rural areas. Chances are you will be driving in towns when giving lessons, but if they are particularly large and busy this could affect your insurance premium.

Is PDI insurance a legal requirement in Northern Ireland? 

Yes, it is mandatory for PDIs to have PDI insurance, also known as instructor insurance. The levels of cover included in PDI Insurance are specific to individual insurers but generally cover necessities such as:

  • Third-party insurance: This is the minimum level of insurance any driver needs to drive on Northern Irish roads. This means it covers the cost of any damage done to another person, their vehicle or property. 
  • Any driver insurance: This covers your students when driving your car, as long as they have the appropriate provisional licence. It can also cover examiners in the case where they have to drive your car. 
  • Hire and reward insurance: This covers your car for commercial use as you will be taking payment for your lessons. 

What additional insurance do I need alongside my NI PDI insurance?

It’s important to consider all levels of cover before buying PDI insurance. Finding these in one policy rather than individual ones could keep your insurance costs low and help with admin, as you will only have one renewal date to keep up with. 

Extra levels of cover you might want to consider:

  • Personal accident cover – covers you if you are injured in the event of an accident.
  • Passenger liability – covers injury to passengers in your vehicle during a lesson.
  • Negligent tuition cover – protects you against any claims your students make as the result of an accident.
  • Public liability insurance – covers you and your business if you cause damage or injury as a result of negligence.
  • Replacement dual control vehicle cover – replaces your dual control car in case of damage so you can keep working while it is being repaired.
  • Dual control coverage – As the name suggests this covers repair or replacement of dual controls.
  • Legal expenses – covers legal expenses if you need to take legal action following an accident.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but gives some of the most common needs for PDIs when looking for PDI insurance in Northern Ireland. If you are concerned about the levels of cover included in your PDI insurance policy you can use our quote form and receive a call from insurers who can talk you through the specifics before you commit to a policy or price. 

Can a price comparison site help me find cheaper PDI insurance than a specialist broker can? 

No one is expecting you to be an expert on PDI insurance, especially when you are just starting out. Getting a quote from a specialist broker is a good idea. But at we can match you with a full list of Northern Ireland PDI insurance policies in minutes that can offer you specialist cover and advice. Plus you have the chance to directly compare insurance yourself to find a potentially cheaper price. 

What our experts say:

“When it comes to your insurance you should never accept your existing insurance company’s renewal quote until you shop around first. You could be surprised at how much you save by shopping around for a better deal.” – Ian Wilson, Managing Director of