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Northern Ireland Vintage Tractor Insurance

Vintage tractor enthusiasts capture the importance and history of farming in Northern Ireland. It might remind you of time with family or childhoods spent in the fields. Whether your vintage tractor is a lifelong passion that links you to community, or a prized possession that provides an extra bit of income, you’ll want to protect it and yourself with a vintage tractor insurance NI policy.

If your tractor is over 25 years old, it qualifies as a vintage tractor and could benefit from specialised vintage tractor insurance. The cover you’ll need depends on how you use your tractor. Your options for vintage tractor insurance are the same as those for car insurance:

  • Third party insurance – This is the minimum level of insurance needed to drive on public roads in Northern Ireland. It covers damage to third party vehicles, property and injury costs.
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance – This covers damage to third parties and also pays out if the tractor is stolen, or damaged in accidental fire.
  • Fully comprehensive – These are often the most expensive policies, but will also provide the most coverage, protecting your tractor and property as well as third party, theft and fire.

Like car insurance, if your tractor is used on public roads in Northern Ireland, you’ll need a minimum of third party insurance. This includes driving your tractor to fields that are only accessible through public roads. Being insured for road access can also be necessary for getting involved in the vintage tractor community whether you’re attending NI tractor runs, vintage rallies or shows, something Northern Ireland does very well. 

Although road access is the main legal concern for Northern Ireland vintage tractor insurance

companies, they will also consider a few other factors when setting your premiums. Our vintage tractor quote form takes a few simple details and gives you a range of Northern Irish vintage tractor insurance quotes so you can choose the best cover and price for you.

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Insure a Vintage Tractor

There are a few things you’ll want to consider when you insure a vintage tractor in Northern Ireland.

  • Is your tractor registered?

If your vintage tractor hasn’t been taxed since 1983, it might not be registered with the DVLA. This means if you want to drive your tractor on public roads you might need to register your tractor as well as getting insurance to comply with NI road laws.

  • Cover for attending shows or weddings 

Northern Ireland hosts some of the best shows for vintage tractors (not that we’re biased). If you’re part of the vintage tractor community and attend shows, or even if you rent out your vintage tractor for events like weddings, you might consider public liability insurance. This will cover damage to third party property as well as potential injury to any fellow enthusiasts or kids who are interacting with your vintage tractor, with or without your permission.

  • Multiple vehicles and trailers

Most tractor insurance policies include cover for trailers. If you have a larger collection of vintage tractors or are managing a farm with multiple farm vehicles, you might also consider farm vehicle insurance. This lets you insure multiple vehicles under one policy (and one premium) including tractors, balers, diggers and even quads, depending on the specific policy. 

Is vintage tractor insurance a legal requirement in Northern Ireland?

Only if you are driving your vintage tractor on Northern Irish public roads. Like car insurance, you will need a minimum of third party insurance cover to drive your tractor on the road. 

If you only use your vintage tractor on private land, insurance isn’t strictly necessary. But even if your tractor never leaves your farm it’s still worth considering insurance. It can cover the risk of breaking down, accidental damage, or theft so if the worst happens you won’t be faced with covering the costs yourself or potentially waving goodbye to your pride and joy. 

How much does it cost to insure a vintage tractor in Northern Ireland?

This depends on how you use your vintage tractor and what coverage you need. For example, if you are renting a vintage tractor out for public events throughout the year, insurance companies are going to offer you a different price than someone keeping a vintage tractor locked in a garage in museum condition.

The quickest way to check how much your tractor insurance is going to cost is to Compare NI insurance for a vintage tractor at Just enter a few simple details and get an unbiased quote now.

How can I find cheaper vintage tractor insurance in NI?

Like most other insurance, finding cheap insurance for a vintage tractor is about shopping around. At we are not owned by and do not have any investments in insurance brokers or insurance companies. So we can give you an unbiased and speedy comparison across various cheap NI vintage tractor insurance policies.

Does the location of my Northern Ireland farm affect the cost of insuring a vintage tractor?

In some cases, yes. Insurers typically view urban or built up areas as more dangerous for drivers as there are more hazards. So if you are driving your vintage tractor on NI public roads, your location can affect the cost of your premium. 

Crime rates in your area also have an impact. In Northern Ireland, agricultural crime is reported as being much higher in rural areas than in urban ones. This seems like an obvious statement, but for insurers, it means that you can be a higher risk to insure and can affect premiums.

Does the type of farm I own affect the cost of my Northern Irish vintage tractor insurance?

Not directly, but as this can affect how you use your tractor it can still impact your insurance costs. If you need to drive your tractor on public roads because of your farm layout, you will need a minimum of third party insurance by law. Similarly, with a smaller farm, your vintage tractor’s annual mileage could be very limited, which can lower the costs of your tractor insurance. 

Does it cost more to insure a vintage tractor than a newer model?

Vehicles are usually insured against their market value so it might seem like an older, cheaper tractor will be cheaper to insure. But for vintage tractors, some insurers will set an agreed value instead which takes into account the specialist nature of vintage tractors.

Insurers also consider potential repair costs and availability of parts which can be more difficult to get for vintage tractor models. Likewise, some features of older tractors, like having no cab could affect the cost as it increases the risk of injury to you, the driver.

Does vintage tractor insurance cover me for driving on public roads in Northern Ireland?

Driving on NI public roads requires a minimum of third party insurance by law. If you have this cover or above in your vintage tractor insurance you will be covered to drive on roads.