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Northern Ireland JCB Insurance

A JCB can be a godsend for your Northern Irish farm, they can improve productivity, precision, and make your life a lot easier overall. But JCBs are no small investment. Depending on the machinery you need, JCBs can cost tens of thousands of pounds, even when bought second hand. So it’s important to compare NI JCB insurance to protect your investment and yourself from any further payouts. 

Whether you’re working with an excavator, telehandler, or backhoe, JCBs are bulky machines that take a little getting used to, especially when you are new to the machine. And when it comes to taking them out on public roads, your risk of accident to you or others can be a lot higher than other farm vehicles. 

If you’re driving on public roads you’re legally required to Insure a JCB in Northern Ireland. Like car insurance, you will need a minimum of third party insurance. The range of insurance available for JCBs are:

  • Third-party insurance: This provides the minimum coverage required to operate on public roads in Northern Ireland.
  • Third-party, fire, and theft coverage: With this option, you’re protected if your digger causes harm to a third party’s vehicle or property. It also covers when your digger is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance: This includes protection for damage to your own vehicle, your property, and yourself, in addition to covering third parties, theft, and fire.

Even if your JCB never leaves your land it is still worth getting insurance. JCBs can be targets for thieves on Northern Irish farms, especially in quieter rural spots where there are fewer onlookers. A 2022 report from the PSNI revealed that theft makes up 74% of all agricultural crime in Northern Ireland. That’s where theft insurance comes in, giving you peace of mind and taking more potential costs off your plate. 

At we can connect you to insurers who know exactly what you need to stay protected.

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Cheap NI JCB Insurance

Just like any other insurance, finding the cheapest deal that covers your needs is about shopping around and comparing quotes. At, we specialise in Northern Ireland insurance. When you compare with us, you’re getting an unbiased and quick rundown of various affordable insurance companies that can provide you with Northern Ireland JCB insurance. 

And if you’re managing a farm or own a few different farm vehicles, you might want to check out farm vehicle insurance too. It lets you insure multiple vehicles under one policy (and one premium), and can cover things like tractors, balers, diggers, and even quads, depending on the policy details. 

Is JCB insurance mandatory in Northern Ireland?

There is no specific legal requirement for JCB insurance in Northern Ireland. But if you are planning to drive your JCB on public roads at any time you will need a minimum of third party insurance and the necessary licences for your specific JCB. 

Road insurance is necessary even if you are only driving to or from land that is only accessible through public roads. Being insured for road access can also be useful for moving or borrowing other equipment, helping out in emergencies and lending a hand to neighbours or fellow farmers in busy times.

How can I find cheaper NI JCB insurance?

Looking for Cheap NI JCB insurance can be time consuming. But if you know what level of coverage you need, we can do the hard part and connect you to NI insurers who can match your coverage. 

Here are a few things you can do to keep your insurance costs as low as possible: 

Insuring experienced drivers

Like car insurance, insurers see younger drivers as a higher risk. Insurance is typically cheaper for older, more experienced drivers.

Keeping claims to a minimum

Naturally, people typically only make claims when they think it’s necessary. However, there are steps you can take to prevent these ‘necessary’ claims. Keeping good habits around cleaning and general maintenance of your JCB and servicing it regularly can reduce the chance of faults and breakdowns, leading to fewer claims in the long run.

Avoid motoring convictions

Following speed limits, obeying road signs, and refraining from substance use in accordance with Northern Ireland road regulations will prevent convictions and help lower your JCB insurance expenses as insurers will see you as less of a risk. 

Choose the JCB you need 

With JCBs, you’re spoilt for choice. But it’s important to remember that your JCB will usually be insured against its current market value, so buying a more inexpensive JCB can help lower your insurance costs. Of course, you still need something that will get the job done. But carefully considering the exact features or attachments you need means you can avoid unnecessary costs for features you will never use.

Keep your JCB safe

Even if you think your farm vehicles are safe on your own land, insurers still prefer them to be secured in sheds or behind locked gates. Theft accounts for the majority of agricultural crime in Northern Ireland, especially in rural areas, so it is a significant risk. Alarms, trackers or CCTV can also discourage theft and reduce premiums with some insurers. 

How much does it cost to insure a backhoe loader in Northern Ireland?

The price for JCB Backhoe Insurance will be specific to you and your insurance needs. For example, if you are using a 3CX or 4CX series to work on different sites throughout the year, insurance companies are going to offer you a different price than someone using a compact backhoe loader like the 1CXT for personal use on their own land.

The quickest way to check how much your JCB insurance will cost is by entering a few simple details to get an unbiased quote comparing up to date NI JCB  insurance policies at

Should I go directly to JCB to insure my Northern Ireland backhoe loader?

If you’re looking for backhoe loader insurance NI policies you could benefit from buying insurance from companies whose main business is NI insurance. We at can match you to dedicated insurers who specialise in this type of insurance and have experience in navigating the fine details that affect your specific premiums and coverage. 

What our experts say:

“When it comes to your insurance you should never accept your existing insurance company’s renewal quote until you shop around first. Farm vehicle insurance doesn’t come cheap, so it’s even more important to get the best price. You could be surprised at how much you save by shopping around for a better deal.” – Ian Wilson, Managing Director of

Does my farm’s postcode affect the cost of my NI JCB insurance?

Insurers use your postcode to calculate the risks associated with the location of your farm. If you live in an area like Belfast with higher crime rates, insurers could judge your JCB to be at a greater risk of damage or theft. Similarly, if you’re using roads in more build up, busy areas there is a greater risk of accident or injury so your premiums could be higher. 

Does the type of farm I own affect the cost of my Northern Irish JCB insurance?

While not a direct factor, this can influence how you use your JCB, which then impacts your insurance needs and expenses. If your farm setup requires you to operate the JCB on public roads, you’ll be legally obligated to have at least third party insurance.

Likewise, if your JCB’s tasks involve a lot of work around the public, you could be more of a risk and pay a higher premium. If this is the case it could be worth considering public liability insurance.

Does this type of insurance policy cover me if the JCB is stolen?

This depends on the cover you choose. Third party only insurance will not cover theft. But if you choose third-party, fire, and theft or fully comprehensive insurance, as the names suggest, you will be covered if your JCB is stolen.