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Northern Ireland Combine Harvester Insurance

If you’re ready to scale up your farm business and improve its commercial performance, you could reap the benefits (literally) of investing in a combine harvester. Now, this is no small investment, with combine harvester prices in the hundreds of thousands, even for second hand machines. So you’ll want agricultural harvester insurance that protects you from loss and further expenses. 

When harvest season is in full swing and you’re racing the rain, the last thing you need is a combine harvester falling out of use. Accidental damage, mechanical problems or theft and vandalism are all a threat to your machine and your crop. We at can help you find insurance that works for you, helps you cover costs, and get back to work quickly if the worst happens. 

If you are renting a combine harvester, don’t take for granted that it comes with insurance cover. This can be offered as an optional extra with an additional price by the lender, but the level of cover can vary. If you want to be sure you’ve got the specific cover you need it can be a good idea to compare combine harvester insurance and make sure you’re getting the most for your money. 

Some insurers also offer temporary insurance for combine harvesters which covers them for only the periods they will be in use, like harvest seasons. As you’re covered for a shorter time, the costs can obviously be cheaper as insurers take into account the lowered risk of damage or accidents. 

It’s also important to check with any existing farm or farm vehicle insurance you have to see if your new or rented combine harvester could be covered under those policies. Farm vehicle insurance can insure multiple farm vehicles under one policy and one premium to keep your expenses down. 

Enter a few simple details and compare NI combine harvester insurance now with insurers who know the NI farm industry. 

Cheap NI Harvester Insurance

It’s understandable to be concerned with the cost of your combine harvester insurance. But like other types of insurance, finding cheap NI harvester insurance is about shopping around for the best quote. 

Assessing the risks to you and your vehicle and deciding on the level of cover you need is half the battle. And if you know this, we at can help with the hard part, linking you with insurers across Northern Ireland, so you can compare prices and choose the best policy for you.  

Some levels of insurance are cheaper than others. And if you intend to drive your combine harvester on NI public roads at any time, you will need at least third-party insurance by law in Northern Ireland. 

Your options for insurance are:

  • Third party insurance: This is the minimum coverage required for driving on public roads in Northern Ireland, making it generally the most cost-effective choice as well.


  • Third party, fire, and theft: This protects third parties in the case of your combine harvester causing damage or harm to vehicles or the property of others. You’ll also get compensation in the event of theft or fire related damage.


  • Fully comprehensive: While it can be the priciest option, this level of coverage offers the highest degree of protection. It covers damage to your vehicle, property, and yourself, in addition to covering third parties, theft, and fire. 

Comparing with us means you get an unbiased and speedy comparison across a range of cheap NI harvester insurance providers

Is it mandatory to insure a combine harvester in Northern Ireland?

The only insurances required by law in Northern Ireland are employers’ liability insurance and a minimum of third-party motor insurance for driving on NI public roads. If you plan to drive your combine harvester on NI public roads at any time, including when driving to or from fields only accessible by public roads, you will need insurance by law. 

Outside of legal requirements, the risk of damage and accidents when using your combine harvester can be huge. These are bulky machines that can take some getting used to, especially if you are new to the vehicle. If an accident does occur you’ll want a combine harvester insurance NI policy that helps cover the cost of repairs to other vehicles, property or even people. 

How can I find cheaper NI harvester insurance?

Comparing policies across multiple insurers is a great way to find the cheapest price for the cover you need. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you’re not paying more than you have to, especially with so many other farm costs on your plate. 

At we are not owned by and do not have any investments in insurance brokers or insurance companies. So we can give you an unbiased and speedy comparison across various cheap NI harvester insurance policies

You’ll already know some of the factors that insurers consider when setting your premiums. Some of these you have no control over, but here are a few things you can do to keep your insurance costs as low as possible: 

Insure experienced drivers

Like car insurance, insurers see younger drivers as a higher risk. So, insurance will typically be cheaper for older, more experienced drivers.

Keep claims to a minimum

If you have previous claims you’ll know that people typically only claim when they think it’s necessary. But, there are steps that help prevent these ‘necessary’ claims. Regular maintenance and servicing can reduce the chance of faults and breakdowns, leading to fewer claims in the long run.

Avoid motoring convictions

Following NI road laws like speed limits, signage and laws around driving under the influence will prevent convictions and help lower your combine harvester (and other vehicle) insurance, as insurers will see you as less of a risk. 

Choose the combine harvester you need 

Buying a combine harvester is often about work speed and efficiency. But it’s important to remember that your harvester will usually be insured against its current market value, so buying a more inexpensive harvester can help lower your insurance costs.

Of course, you still need something that will get the job done. But carefully considering the exact size and features you need for your farm means that you can avoid unnecessary costs for features or a capacity you will never use.

Keep your combine harvester safe

Even if you feel that your land is safe to keep your farm vehicles on, insurers still prefer you to store them in secured sheds or behind locked gates. In 2022 the PSNI reported that theft accounts for 74% of all agricultural crime in Northern Ireland, especially in rural areas, so this is a significant risk.

How much does it cost to insure a combine harvester in Northern Ireland?

This depends on your harvester and what coverage you need. For example, if you are renting a small combine harvester for two months, insurance companies are going to offer you a different price than someone using a high capacity harvester for large scale commercial farming.

The quickest way to check how much it will cost you to insure a combine harvester in Northern Ireland is to enter a few simple details and get an unbiased quote at

Can a price comparison site help me find a cheaper insurance quote for my combine harvester than a specialist broker can?

No one is expecting you to be an expert on insurance, so it’s a good thing we are. Getting a quote from a specialist broker is a great idea. But at we can match you with a full list of Northern Ireland combine harvester insurance policies in minutes that can also offer you cover at a potentially cheaper price. 

What our experts say:

“When it comes to your insurance you should never accept your existing insurance company’s renewal quote until you shop around first. Farm vehicle insurance doesn’t come cheap, so it’s even more important to get the best price. You could be surprised at how much you save by shopping around for a better deal.” – Ian Wilson, Managing Director of

Does my farm’s postcode affect the cost of my NI harvester insurance?

Your postcode will be used by insurers to calculate any risks that are associated with the location of your farm. For example, If you live in an area with higher rates of agricultural crime, like County Down, insurers could assume your combine harvester is at a greater risk of damage or theft. Similarly, if you’re using roads in more built up, busy areas there is a greater risk of accident or injury so your premiums could be higher. 

Does the type of farm I own affect the cost of my Northern Irish agricultural harvester insurance?

Indirectly, yes. This affects how you use your harvester and how often which is important for your insurance costs. Similarly, if your farm layout means that you need to drive your tractor on public roads, you will need a minimum of third party insurance by law.