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Motor Caravan Insurance Northern Ireland

Your motor caravan gives you the freedom to travel and explore on your own terms, and it’s a great way to see Northern Ireland. But with fewer companies offering this specialist type of insurance, it can be time consuming to find NI insurers who can protect your investment.

At we take the work out of insuring your motor caravan. Enter a few key details and we will match you with a range of NI insurers who offer the cover you need. This lets you quickly choose the policy and price you want from insurers you can trust, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

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Specialist insurance does not always mean expensive insurance. But you’ll still want to make sure that you are not paying over the odds. Comparing a range of prices and policies is an effective way to find cheap NI motor caravan insurance.

At we are regulated by the FCA and are not owned by any insurance companies. So you can be sure that the policies and prices you get from us are completely transparent and unbiased. 

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How much does motor caravan insurance cost in Northern Ireland?

There is no straight answer to this because the price of motor caravan insurance NI is so different from policy to policy. But you can still get a rough idea of how much it will cost for you by looking at some of the key factors that affect its price. These include:

  • Your age and driving history (particularly if you have experience driving a motorhome)
  • Your location
  • Where you keep your motor caravan
  • How you use your motor caravan
  • The size, model and value of your motor caravan
  • If you have access to other vehicles 
  • Any additional drivers you are adding
  • What cover and add ons you choose
  • The insurer you choose
  • Any modifications made to your motorhome

What coverage do I need on my motor caravan insurance?

This will depend on how you use your motorhome. Your main coverage options include:

  • Third party insurance – This is the minimum coverage needed to drive on public roads in Northern Ireland. It covers damage to third party vehicles, property and persons.
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance – This covers damage to third parties and also pays out if your motor caravan is stolen, or damaged in a fire.
  • Fully comprehensive – These are often the most expensive policies, but they will provide the most coverage, protecting your motor caravan, you and your passengers, as well as third party, theft and fire.

There are plenty of extras you can consider adding to your Northern Ireland motor caravan insurance policy to make it work for your travel style:

  • Breakdown cover – Can be added with roadside assistance to get you to a garage quickly if you break down far from home.
  • Legal expenses – Covers any such expenses following an accident or incident.
  • No claims discount protection – So you can claim without affecting your no claims discount.
  • European cover – An important option if you are planning to travel through Europe. 
  • Personal possession or gadget cover –  If there are limits to what is covered in your main policy this add on can cover particularly expensive or specialist belongings you keep in your motorhome.

How can I get cheaper NI motor caravan insurance?

A lot of the factors that insurers use to set your insurance premiums are not easily changed, especially if you already own your motor caravan. But here are a few things that you can do if you want to find cheap NI  motor caravan insurance.

  1. Know the level of coverage you need– Knowing which level of coverage best suits how you use your motor caravan means you won’t overspend on excessive coverage.
  2. Choose the drivers carefully – Only insuring people who have clean licences and are over the age of 25 can keep down premiums. 
  3. Build a no claims discount – Starting to build a no claims history can get you discounts from insurers and save you money in the long run.
  4. Pay your premium annually – If you can afford to pay annually you will save on the interest providers usually charge on monthly premium payments.
  5. Choose higher voluntary excess – This can get you cheaper insurance but it’s important that you are still willing and able to pay these in the event of a claim.
  6. Compare quotes from various insurers – Compare motor caravan insurance quotes to make sure you aren’t paying higher premiums for the same level of cover. 
  7. Add extra security – This can be adding an alarm system, tracking devices, wheel clamps or simply storing your motor caravan off the road. These measures can deter or reduce the severity of damage or theft.
  8. Proactively protect against claims – Simple things like good vehicle maintenance and regular servicing can help prevent avoidable claims and keep down premiums. 

What our experts say:

“With a soaring number of holidaymakers continuing to staycation in Northern Ireland and an ever-increasing rate of caravan thefts due to shortages in the market.  It’s important caravanners and their families are protected and do these three simple checks before heading off this summer – check the driver’s driving licence, check the vehicle weight and check the insurance policy”. –  Ian Wilson, Managing Director at 

Is motor caravan insurance a legal requirement in Northern Ireland?

Yes, Northern Ireland law requires you to insure your motorhome. And without the appropriate insurance, you could face fines and even a driving ban. The only reason to not have your motor caravan insured is if it has been officially declared off the road or SORN through the DVLA.

Is my motor caravan covered under my car or van insurance policy?

No, a motorhome cannot be covered under standard car or van insurance. Because they are used for very different purposes including staying overnight and cooking, motorhomes will need to be covered for a different set of risks that are not included in car or van insurance. The DVLA also recognises them as their own category of vehicles that require specialised motor caravan insurance to be legally driven on NI roads.