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Classic Campervan Insurance Northern Ireland

If you’re the proud owner of a classic campervan you’ll want to protect it and yourself when you’re out adventuring. Classics can attract a lot of attention from the public and other enthusiasts so insurance can help you cover costs from any damage, no matter how accidental. 

Finding insurers who provide classic campervan cover in Northern Ireland can be a time consuming task to take on alone. We help you quickly compare a range of insurers with experience working in Northern Ireland. With specialist classic campervan insurance NI cover from insurers you can trust, you can get back to the fun stuff.

Not all classic campervans need the same coverage, especially if you have made any modifications or updates. But by entering a few simple details, we’ll quickly match you with experienced insurers who can talk you through what insurance best suits your campervan before you buy. 

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Cheap NI Classic Campervan Insurance

Converted camper insurance is a specialist type of motorhome insurance. But don’t worry, ‘specialist’ doesn’t always mean expensive. If you compare quotes across a range of insurers you get the best chance of finding cheap NI classic campervan insurance.

At, we give you personalised and unbiased quotes from a range of experienced insurers. So you have a better choice of policies that protect your pride and joy. 

Get unbiased comparisons on Northern Ireland classic campervan insurance today.

How much does classic campervan insurance cost in Northern Ireland?

Classic campervans can pose more problems due to their age or availability of parts, so you might expect your premium to be above that of someone who is driving a newer motor caravan or caravanette. But every policy is different, so it’s difficult to give an average cost of classic campervan insurance. 

The quickest way to check how much your insurance will cost is to enter a few simple details and get personalised comparisons on NI classic campervan insurance quotes at

How can I get cheaper NI classic campervan insurance?

It might seem like there’s not much you can do to get cheaper insurance. But even making small changes with the following measures can help you get cheaper classic campervan insurance quotes.

  1. Only buy the cover you need – Getting cover that matches how you use your campervan means you won’t be overspending on excessive coverage or add ons you won’t use.
  2. Choose the drivers carefully – The age and driving history of main and named drivers can affect premiums. Drivers over the age of 25 with no driving convictions are usually the best choice.
  3. Build your no claims discount – Like with other motor insurance a long no claims history can get you a discount on your insurance.
  4. Pay your premium annually – This saves you from paying interest providers usually charge customers who pay monthly. 
  5. Choose higher excesses – You can get cheaper insurance by choosing the highest excesses that you are willing and able to pay in the event of a claim.
  6. Compare insurance quotes – Compare various classic campervan insurance quotes to make sure you aren’t missing out on a better value policy. 
  7. Improve your security – Adding alarms, immobilizers, clamps or even just storing your campervan off the road shows insurers that you are a lower risk to insure and can get you cheaper premiums.
  8. Proactively protect against claims – Simple measures like good general maintenance and regular servicing can prevent avoidable claims and help build your no claims discount. 

What our experts say:

“It’s important caravanners and their families are protected and do these three simple checks before heading off this summer – check the driver’s driving licence, check the vehicle weight and check the insurance policy”. –  Ian Wilson, Managing Director at 

Do I need classic campervan insurance by law in Northern Ireland?

Yes, law in Northern Ireland requires any vehicle driving on public roads to have at least third party insurance coverage. The only time you won’t need insurance is if your campervan has been declared off the road (SORN). 

If you are caught driving without the correct NI classic camper van insurance you could get a fine, penalty points or even be disqualified from driving. You can also fall into trouble if you are driving with insurance that has been invalidated. 

This can happen if you have given any false or misleading information to the insurer when buying your policy. Your insurance can also be invalidated if you do not make insurers aware of any new modifications to your classic campervan. This can leave you personally responsible for covering the costs of any damages or injuries resulting from an accident. 

What coverage do I need on my classic campervan insurance?

When choosing the coverage on your classic campervan insurance NI policy you need to weigh up the value of your campervan and how you plan to use it. Make sure to cover its total value including any modifications and customizations as well as any extras you need for your adventures.

The main coverage options are:

  • Third party insurance – This is the lowest level of coverage required by law for driving on NI public roads. It covers third party persons, vehicles, and property.
  • Third party, fire and theft insurance – Covers damage to third parties and if your campervan is stolen, or damaged in a fire.
  • Fully comprehensive – Gives you the most levels of coverage but can also be the most costly cover. It covers your campervan, you and your passengers, as well as third party, theft and fire.


Extras or add ons can tailor the policy to your needs and travel plans, including:


  • Agreed value cover – This is important for classic campers as the market value of your campervan may not reflect the true value if you were to sell it. Some insurers will request internal and external photos to help gauge its true value. 
  • European cover – This is an important add on if you plan to travel in Europe. 
  • Personal possession cover – If you plan to take lengthy trips it is important to cover any personal items you take along. 
  • Gadget cover – This can protect laptops, cameras or phones kept in your camper. 
  • Salvage Retention – This lets you keep ownership of your camper and ensures it is returned to you in the event that it is written off by your insurer.
  • Breakdown cover – This can be added with roadside assistance so you can get to a garage for repairs quickly.


If you are unsure about what coverage you need you can speak directly with experienced insurers who can talk you through specifics before you commit to a policy or price. 

Can I insure my classic campervan under van insurance?

No, van insurance is designed to cover very different risks than those involved in using your classic campervan. Having features like water, cooking appliances and fuels like diesel or propane need the specialist cover of classic campervan insurance.

Get covered and compare NI classic campervan insurance today.

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