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    Finding somewhere to part at the airport when going on holiday might seem like a real inconvenience but it could prove to be the most accessible way of getting away on holiday. It could mean leaving a vehicle for the duration of the vacation but at the same time once a person returns it typically means their journey home is on hand. There could be various levels of parking options at NI airports within varying distances of the airport terminal. Usually the cost might rise the closer to the terminal the parking base is but being that bit closer could be very satisfying upon arriving back to the airport post holiday. Other types of parking at airports in Belfast and others in Northern Ireland could mean parking further afield and being transported by shuttle bus to the appropriate terminal along with all the luggage.

    Depending how far in advance a person books their parking space it could be possible make savings on the overall cost of parking. Many people might choose to book their airport parking at the time they book the rest of their holiday. If that is the case it might be wise to compare airport parking charges and factor it into the rest of the holiday costs. This way a person knows exactly what they might be paying on top for parking their car along with any other options for getting to their airport.

    Airport parking could give a degree of freedom as it typically means a person or group are in charge of their own arrival and departure from the airport rather than relying on a third party. By comparing options online it could be possible to save money but also look at reviews from other airport visitors to find out which option they found most convenient when leaving NI.