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Pre-Existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance

CompareNI do not offer a comparison service for pre-existing medical travel insurance but we have a list of companies below who may be able to help you.

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    Everyone knows that taking out travel insurance is essential before you go away, but this can be worrying if you are over 60 or have pre-existing medical conditions. All of us suffer from ailments at one time or another, so if youre going away its vital to let your insurer know about any pre existing conditions which you have before you go.

    Our directory of top specialist in travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions should help you to find a suitable travel insurance policy to help cover your health care costs at the cheapest possible price. Medical claims and emergencies abroad are important to consider when traveling with a pre-existing condition. Hospital treatment, emergency repatriation and travel expenses associated with having to stay abroad longer due to a medical emergency can be potentially costly so having the right cover in place can help should something occur.

    Prices can be affected by how expensive the health care is in the country you visit and your current state of health. Our directory members may assess your pre existing conditions, asking about prescribed medication and any cancerous conditions, circulatory, heart, respiratory conditions or strokes that have been diagnosed, including conditions which no longer affect your daily living which could potentially reappear while you are on holiday.

    Youll need to tell the insurance provider about any pre-existing physical and mental conditions, no matter how minor. This can include anything from long-term conditions such as cancer, to psychological illnesses like depression. A pre-existing medical condition is anything for which youve received treatment or medication in the last 12 months, as well as anything for which youve seen a specialist or been an in-patient in hospital. The insurance premium will depend on how serious your condition is, the treatment youve received for it and how long its been since youve been diagnosed. If you dont disclose your conditions, you may be left paying for expensive medical treatment when youre abroad.

    Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Insurance