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Make sure you have the right pet insurance!

If your pet becomes ill or is injured, unfortunately there is no free healthcare and the vet bills can really add up, and it is difficult to afford operations or medicine if they are needed.

Dog ImageSo, it is important to get your pet insurance to make sure that you are covered, and you don’t need to pay a lot of money, should the worst happen.

Your pet plan is usually paid monthly, and policies vary in what they include, and also on the premium price that you pay. It is worth shopping around for pet insurance in Northern Ireland to make sure that you can get the right policy tailored to your needs and your pets needs!

Can find me cheap pet insurance in Northern Ireland? can make it easier to find pet insurance on the internet by comparing many pet insurers and brokers by filling in just one form. We can show you the quote results online with the cheapest price at the top of the list, so you can select the policy that suits you, and click through to the insurers website when you are ready to buy.

If you need more time to think about the decision, you can come back to the website later and retrieve your pet insurance quotes at your convenience. is totally free for you to use, and we are proud to be an independent and impartial website, so we do not favour one insurer over the other, and no prices are added on to you, the consumer. We just show you great pet insurance quotes for Northern Ireland residents, and leave it up to you to do the rest!

Pet Insurance Guide

Many people living in the UK have a pet. Some have more than one. While cats and dogs are the most familiar pets to many, others have horses or other animals.

In every case though, a pet could potentially fall ill at any time. Moreover, accidents may happen to animals just as they could to humans. This could mean treatment is required from an experienced and qualified vet something that could cost a lot of money. While humans have the NHS to rely on in situations like this, pets have no free service they could use to get the treatment required in that situation.

This makes pet insurance NI a very important area to learn about for anyone considering getting a pet. Here we have put together a guide of the most essential points someone with a pet might need to know before buying pet insurance Northern Ireland.

Is everything covered by pet insurance cover?

No. different policies may vary in this respect, but generally speaking, annual vaccinations won’t be covered. Getting a pet neutered could well also fall to the owner to pay for. Any regular treatments for fleas and worms may also have to be paid for by the owner (many view this as part and parcel of owning a pet, however).

However, if a pet requires treatment for illness or injury, this could typically be covered by the average policy. Of course, it is vital for the pet owner to read the small print in any policy before they take it out. This might perhaps be the best way to ensure it will provide exactly the sort of cover that person is looking for.

Different types of pet insurance

cat ImageAs with many other forms of insurance, there are different types of pet insurance someone could opt for. Each might entail paying a very different level of monthly premium. However, the pet owner may wish to consider the likelihood of needing to claim on the insurance and the costs they may have to pay if they do not have a good level of insurance in place.

  • Cover for each condition, subject to a specific time limit:
    This may well be the cheapest cover any pet owner may get. The idea is that the insurer will pay out for veterinary treatment for a pet, but only for a specific period of time following the initial illness or injury. This may often be set at 12 months, although different policies may set different time limits.

    While this form of insurance might cover the majority of illnesses or injuries, the pet owner may find themselves footing the bill for ongoing treatment if a lifelong illness becomes apparent. Similarly, if the vets bill is higher than the total amount covered by the insurance, the pet owner would perhaps have to pay the remainder.

    The premium may depend on the amount covered by the policy. For example, a limit of £2,000-worth of treatment could be cheaper to pay for than a policy covering £5,000-worth of treatment
  • Cover for each condition, with no time limit attached:
    This works in the same way as the above cover, except that no time limit is attached. If the amount covered for is quite high, it means the pet owner might be able to get long-term treatment paid for, up to the limit specified in the policy.
  • Lifetime cover:
    This is the most comprehensive form of pet insurance available. There may still be a chance to get cheap pet insurance that provides lifetime cover, but shopping around for a comparison may be even more important in this situation.

    The idea is that no time limits will be imposed on the cover. There could be an upper limit in terms of the value of a claim, but it may well be significantly higher than it might be with either of the above policy types.
Reading the small print

Every pet owner might want to read the exact terms of each policy to ensure they know what they are buying. The biggest difference in policies may occur when a limit is placed on the amount someone may claim for a single condition or claim, as opposed to a limit placed on the total number of claims made in a year.

For instance, someone may have a limit of £10,000 on their insurance. Some policies might set this as the upper limit for each condition, whereas others might set it as the total amount that could be claimed for.

Is there an excess involved?

When a person sets out to compare pet insurance, they may notice an excess is involved. This works in the same way excesses do with all other insurance policies. For instance, a policy may state there is an excess of £50 for each claim made. If a pet requires veterinary treatment to the tune of £127.45, a claim might pay out a total of £77.45, with the £50 excess met by the pet owner.

Some policies may also require a percentage of each claim to be met by the owner, in addition to the excess. This may be a small percentage, but it could still mean a significant payment may need to be met by the owner when faced with a huge bill.

Shopping around for pet insurance cheap offers

Many pet owners might compare deals online to make sure they can find the right policy for their pet. As we can see here, the amount and type of cover is just as important as getting a good deal.

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