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If you share your home with multiple cats and dogs, it would be a good idea to look into a single, standalone multi-pet insurance policy to insure all of your furry friends. Not only is this likely to be cheaper than insuring each pet separately, but it also means you’ll only have one renewal date – win, win!

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If I own multiple pets how much could I save by opting for multi-pet insurance?

Your exact cost savings will vary from one insurance provider to the next, but some insurance companies will offer you up to 10% off when you insure all your pets with them, while one or two may offer you an even bigger discount than that.

If one of my pets goes missing or dies what happens to the multi-pet insurance policy?

Since your pet insurance policy covers multiple pets, and the others still need cover, the policy will continue on even if one of your pets goes missing or dies.

Do my pets have to be the same species in order to be insured on the same policy?

Nope, most pet insurance providers that do insure multiple pets will allow you to insure a combination of both dogs and cats under a single policy. Some will even allow you to insure rabbits under that same policy as well!

What sorts of things will a multi-pet insurance policy cover?

That depends on the type of policy you choose – accident-only policies will only insure your pets against accidents they might suffer, while per-condition policies will cover a much wider range of issues and medical conditions, while limiting the amount that can be claimed for any one condition. 

Annual multi-pet insurance may help you avoid the per-condition limitations you’d get with a per-condition policy, but will exclude previously diagnosed conditions each time you renew the policy.

Finally, lifetime pet insurance will offer the most comprehensive coverage, insuring your pets against most conditions, including chronic conditions that they continue to suffer from on an ongoing basis.

Beyond medical conditions, multi-pet insurance will often cover the cost of finding a lost pet if one of your pets is ever lost or stolen – provided you’ve opted for an annual or lifetime multi-pet insurance policy. 

What won’t be covered by a multi-pet insurance policy?

Routine treatments like neutering, spaying, vaccinations, flea treatment or worming treatment generally won’t be covered.

Dental treatment often won’t be included as standard on your multi-pet insurance policy either, although it is often possible to add this to your policy as an add-on.