Car Insurance Estimate

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Get an estimate for your car insurance

Searching for car insurance quotes online could often require the customer to submit a detailed form with a range of information about the driver and their vehicle, this could be a time-consuming process. That’s why we have developed our CompareNI car insurance quote estimator. The quote estimator enables you to get a quick approximate quote for your car insurance based on other people who have got quotes on our system. Simply select your age, enter your vehicle registration number, select your number of years no claims, the excess you wish to pay and then submit the form. Our system will get to work in comparing your criteria against similar people who have got a quote on CompareNI for their car insurance.

A summary will be displayed on screen, including an estimated average quote returned for people with similar details. Remember this is only an estimation and your actual quote may vary depending on your circumstances.

To purchase car insurance you must provide further details to insure you get an accurate quote that could cover you for everything you need. When you are ready to compare car insurance policies for your car why not visit CompareNI and compare quotes from over 80 insurance providers. Get a full online quote on our car insurance system to see how much you could save.