Health & Beauty Northern Ireland

CompareNI do not offer a comparison service for health & beauty products but we have a list of companies below who may be able to help you.
Life Ring

Shopping online for health and beauty products could be a more straightforward way of getting the right item at the right price. Many people may prefer to shop this way as it means they could be able to research the products more thoroughly by reading individual product reviews and getting the direct opinion of people that use as particular health or beauty product in Northern Ireland. Reading a review as well as having the product information on screen might be preferable than speaking to a sales consultant face to face. In some instances it could be possible to obtain free samples or discounts vouchers when shopping online for beauty products.

To compare health and beauty merchandise online could be much more convenient than in a high street store. Online searching could pinpoint the products a person needs more easily and help them to find an NI provider that could help them source the products straight to their letter box. It could be particularly useful to shop this way if someone knows exactly what they want. Shopping online may prevent unnecessary browsing or being tempted to try out other products when faced with attractive shop displays or commission savvy assistants.

Using a comparison for health and beauty could also save time as it typically means going directly to a supplier that has items in stock when needed. It could even mean being able to access products that may not be available in Northern Ireland stores as standard. Online shopping could alleviate the stress of hitting the high street to find the goods a person needs. Often online stores could be more helpful as it may be easier to see what products are available and when. There might also be deals available for free delivery which could also make items cheaper overall.