Over a quarter of people post photos and locations on social media while on holiday


Travel insurance experts at are urging holiday-goers to take extra precautions to keep their homes safe while on holiday this summer.

A new survey by found that 29% of people in Northern Ireland post pictures and tag their location on social media while away on holiday.

Sharing sensitive content such as pictures and location while on holiday can not only advertise that your home is vacant to potential burglars online but it can also invalidate your home insurance policy, which 65% of respondents did not know.

Annual policing statistics show that in the last 12 months, July had the highest number of burglaries in Northern Ireland, with 368 taking place across the region.** July is a common time to go on holiday with warmer weather and children off school, so travellers should be extra vigilant to protect their homes while they’re away.

Commenting on the survey results, Ian Wilson, Managing Director of said: “It’s concerning to see that nearly 400 burglaries took place in Northern Ireland last July, it’s obviously a growing concern for many as 89% of our survey said they have taken steps to try and deter burglars.

“Although many people want to share their holiday snaps with friends and family through social media, the holidays are a time to be extra cautious.  Posting on social channels that you are away on holiday is an invitation to burglars that your house is vacant and is extremely risky, especially when also tagging locations and other people that are on holiday with you.

“Not only could you be advertising an empty home to potential burglars, you could also be invalidating your home insurance by posting sensitive information online, which as our survey suggests, a lot of people may not realise.

“While on holiday you should try and keep your posts private, avoid posting pictures and locations in real time and instead save them and upload them when you’re back in your own home. Also make sure that those you are on holiday with don’t tag you in any posts revealing you’re away. 

“As a home insurance policyholder, it’s your responsibility to take steps to keep your home and belongings secure – highlighting to potential thieves that the property is empty may be seen as a lack of proper precautions and could render your policy void, should you need to make a claim.” travel safety dos and don’ts:

  1. DON’T tag location

Always keep your location hidden while on holiday. Avoid tagging restaurants or beaches you may be visiting as sharing any of this information can let potential burglars know you are not at home.

  1. DO wait until you’re back at home to share holiday snaps

It may be tempting to share your holiday pictures and experiences with family and friends over social media, but waiting until your home can minimise the risk of burglary and invalidating your home insurance.

  1. DO use private stories if posting

A private story with a small number of close friends or family you can trust may be safer but again, best wait till you’re back home.

  1. DON’T post about the length of your trip

Posting about how excited you are for your holiday ahead of time or complaining about leaving while on your way home will let burglars know how long your house will be vacant, increasing the risk of a burglary.

  1. DON’T let others tag you in holiday posts

Even if you’re not directly posting your photos or location on holiday, other people on the trip may be doing so, therefore alerting their followers that your house is vacant. Ask others on the holiday not to tag you and edit your privacy settings so that you can review any tags across your social media accounts. can help users save on multi-trip travel, Europe travel and over 65’s travel insurance.


Policing districtBurglaries April-July 2023Burglaries April-July 2022
Newry, Mourne and Down149  111
Armagh City Banbridge and Craigavon120  84
Derry City and Strabane9297
Causeway Coast and Glens92  98
Mid and East Antrim8484
Antrim and Newtownabbey79  84
Fermanagh and Omagh7740
Ards and North Down6466
Lisburn and Castlereagh6262
Mid Ulster5945

PSNI recorded crime data

*’s findings are based on a randomised survey of 600 respondents across Northern Ireland in May 2024, which represents a margin of error of approximately 5% at a 95% confidence level


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