Belfast motorists waste 75 hours in traffic a year


New research shows Belfast motorists are losing over three days of their lives each year stuck in traffic.

Car insurance experts from have analysed the most congested cities across the UK.

Belfast ranks number six on the list, with the data revealing commuters are losing 75 hours on average in traffic a year, which amounts to over three days.*

Not only is congestion costing motorists time but it’s also costing them money. Idling in traffic could cost Belfast drivers £85.80 a year on fuel alone.**

Belfast is tied with Liverpool on the list, coming ahead of big cities such as Hull, Nottingham and Edinburgh.

London tops the list of most congested cities followed by Bristol, Manchester, Leicester and Sheffield. 

RankCityTime lost per year in rush hour jams
1London148 hours
2Bristol89 hours
3Manchester88 hours
4Leicester79 hours
5Sheffield76 hours
6Belfast75 hours
7Liverpool75 hours
8Edinburgh74 hours
9Hull71 hours
10Nottingham69 hours

Commenting on the findings Managing Director Ian Wilson said: “It can be extremely frustrating to be stuck for long periods of time in traffic, especially as it can needlessly drain the fuel tank – at a time when drivers are doing all they can to find savings.

“Despite Belfast being one of the smallest cities on the list it ranks as the sixth most congested, with motorists spending an average of 75 hours stuck in traffic a year.

“Bristol and Sheffield have already introduced clean air zones and charges to try and reduce congestion and as the UK strives to meet its net zero emissions targets, we’re expecting more cities to follow suit.

“Vehicles waiting in traffic can use up to a litre of petrol per hour, making the cost of congestion sky high, especially with the fluctuating cost of fuel.

“To help save time and money, motorists should aim to travel outside of rush hours when possible. Car sharing may be an option to help find fuel savings as well as being environmentally friendly.

“Economical driving such as smooth braking, moving into a higher gear sooner and reducing the heat or air conditioning help to reduce fuel waste, and therefore help keep costs down.” helps hundreds of thousands of drivers every year find savings on car insurance plus niche items such as taxi and van insurance.



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