Almost two-thirds of NI cars could be unroadworthy


A new survey from price comparison experts asked drivers across Northern Ireland about their experiences when booking an MOT test.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and widespread problems with testing equipment, the DVA are experiencing an unprecedented backlog and NI drivers are feeling the strain.

A new survey of 1000 drivers in Northern Ireland found that due to booking issues, 59% were driving on the road past their MOT due date, meaning that a large number of cars on NI roads may not be roadworthy.

In addition to this, 69% of people had trouble booking their MOT due to issues such as delays.

For those who could book their MOT, a whopping 43.7% had to wait over 3 months for an available slot – with a further 7.2% having to wait over 6 months.

The data also found that over a quarter of people could not book their MOT at their nearest centre. Amidst surging fuel costs, the survey found that a massive 70% of people had to drive an extra 30 miles or more for an available test centre.

Ian Wilson, Managing Director of Northern Ireland’s largest price comparison website,, comments: “It is unfortunate that nearly three years after the beginning of the pandemic, the majority of drivers surveyed are still experiencing delays when trying to book their MOT test.

“Although the PSNI has agreed not to penalise drivers whose MOT has expired as long as the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition, and the driver can provide proof that they have booked an MOT appointment, it can be confusing for drivers to know how this directly impacts their car insurance.

“If you are facing significant delays and driving on the road past the date of your MOT, it is important to check your policy documents or speak to your insurer. Outside of regular MOTs, it is a consistent condition of insurance that owners maintain their vehicles in a safe and roadworthy state.” is Northern Ireland’s largest price comparison website, and has helped over 650,000 users find savings on household bills and essentials plus niche products such as electric car insurance, breakdown cover and standard car insurance

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