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If you’re looking for a location-based insurance policy like health insurance in Northern Ireland, then you’ll probably expect to have to spend time searching up dozens of insurance provider to see if they can provide the cover you require. And of course, you’ll have to wait on hold just to find out if they offer the policies, and tell your details to each of the UK brokers and companies individually in order to compare quote and what they have on offer.

But there is a much easier way to try to get a cheap insurance quote, and that’s by going online. If you’re in NI or are looking for a policy for NI, then our online quote comparison engine could help you do just that. We try to take some of the pain and misery out of getting insurance. Here’s how we do it. You just input your details, and we will pass them on to a range of insurance companies who could provide you with a quote.

These insurance companies will then do the hard work for you, by considering your quotes, and getting straight back to you with their quotes. Since they know that you’ll be getting a whole range of quotes, you can also expect that they’ll be competitive in the pricing of their quotes to boot!

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  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Corporate Health Insurance operate an independent health insurance comparison service to help you compare health Insurance with our specialist Health Insurance advisers. Simply fill out our simple form about yourself and your circumstances and well match you up with a health insurance advisor. Theyll then contact you directly to discuss your enquiry and insurance options.

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Health insurance can provide you with peace of mind and protection for the future. Get started now and get one step closer to your ideal health insurance policy.

Being treated on the NHS is typical for those requiring healthcare in Northern Ireland. However, in some circumstances some people might find it necessary to seek private treatment. It could be that private healthcare is more convenient or that it is available much quicker than could be offered via the NHS. Either way in order to make it more affordable many people may choose to look into health insurance.

Depending on the type of health insurance policy it is typical that a person may pay monthly for health insurance, usually for a specified term. In the event of someone becoming ill or being diagnosed with a condition the policy could pay out according to the limits set out in the policy. Upon taking out a health insurance policy it might be required that any covered individuals need to attend a medical in order to demonstrate their healthy state. There could also in some circumstances be opportunities for a reduction in premium costs by being able to prove healthy living. Not all health insurance providers may require a medical to take place but it could be worth checking with the health insurance NI company first before committing.

Some policies are also known as health cash plans which could pay out a sum of money whenever the covered person visits the dentist or other medical professional. Depending on the type of insurance taken out this type of detail is likely to be laid out in the terms and conditions of the cover policy.

When looking into any type of health insurance policy a person may find that the premiums increase depending how old they are. There could be exceptions but age could play a factor in getting cheap health insurance.

It is also likely that any health insurance policy in Northern Ireland could charge an excess. Like any insurance policy the excess is the part that the insured party must pay themselves. It might be an option for someone to choose a higher excess for an increased amount of benefits but this could means someone ends up paying more than they need to so it is probably worth investigating all options thoroughly before deciding upon any one policy.

A very cheap health insurance policy might only offer basic benefits such as hospital admission costs. It is usually important for anyone seeking health insurance Northern Ireland that they compare all options first. Finding health cover that meets a person’s exact needs could be the most important thing over cost and benefits.

One easy way to determine the cost of cover versus suitability might be to compare health insurance policies online. This way could mean that a person could lay out exactly what they are looking for from health cover and compare against a range of insurance companies that offer this.

Using a comparison could mean knowing up front exactly what something will cost and what if any exclusions there could be.

When deciding on the type of policy a person needs they might also want to consider what life stage they are in. For instance there might be different types of cover for individuals, couples, children or families and it may depend on what insurance may be preferred as to which option a person goes for.

Individual health insurance

For any person living in Northern Ireland having the peace of mind that they have health insurance in place should they become ill could be extremely valuable. This type of cover typically may provide cover for a named individual. Being able to take advantage of health insurance as an individual could mean having reduced stress whilst ill and having the potential to know they could be back on their feet sooner than if using NHS.

Joint health insurance

When part of a couple nobody really wants to think about a time when one of the partnership may fall ill. However, having health insurance NI in place could mean added reassurance if the worst does happen. Having the ability to access treatment quickly and efficiently may mean a better chance of recovery. It could also mean not having to worry about the cost of treatment. Like any type of insurance policy it could be useful to compare health insurance policies first in order to not pay over the odds and get the policy that best suits exact needs.

Family health insurance

It may seem likely that family health insurance could prove costly but having a policy in place for all the family could offer much needed protection in the event that one of them falls ill. Having a sick family member could be a very distressing time and so having access to private healthcare whilst being covered under a health insurance policy could be very important to many families.

Child health insurance

For great peace of mind some parents might opt to purchase health insurance for their children so they could have access to private treatment if needed. Families could compare health insurance to find inexpensive cover in case a child or young person needs to access treatment outside of the NHS. Child health insurance might be preferred as oppose to taking out a family policy. A reputable health insurance provider could give options for both and parents might be wise to compare all alternatives to make sure they have adequate cover in place for all family members. Any comparison could be carried out online and be tailored to individual needs.

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