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Motorbike Insurance Guide

The costs of motorbike insurance NI may not be increasing as sharply as they have done for car insurance. However, it doesnt mean there isn’t plenty to be said for shopping around.

Anyone who needs to buy motorbike insurance may wish to read through this guide to gain a greater understanding of the options available. It may also help to reduce insurance costs, not to mention potentially opening the way to getting a cheaper deal.

Everyone who owns a motorbike should have motorbike insurance

This is one of the most important elements every biker should be aware of. The Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations (CIE) mean every motorbike owner needs to have their bike insured at all times. The only exception to the rule is if the bike owner has used a Statutory Off-Road Notice, otherwise referred to as a SORN notice. Every bike owner should be aware that it is against the law not to have insurance even if the bike they own is never ridden unless a SORN is in place.

Choosing the right level of motorbike insurance Northern Ireland

The levels of motorbike insurance are typically the same as those associated with cars. As such, they fall into three categories.

  • Third party:
    A biker with this insurance could be covered for costs associated with another person or vehicle if involved in an accident they caused. However, their own bike would probably not be covered for the costs of repairs or a replacement.
  • Third party, fire and theft:
    This usually offers the same cover as ordinary third party cover, with the addition of cover in the event of fire damage, not to mention cover for theft.
  • Comprehensive:
    This is a fully-comprehensive form of cover that may provide insurance for the various situations mentioned above. It also could cover the costs associated with damage or destruction of the motorbike the biker owns. Therefore, if their motorbike is written off in an accident they have caused, they could still receive a payout from their insurer to cover the cost of the bike.
Choosing a voluntary excess

This is the amount of excess that could be paid by the biker in the event of making a claim. The bigger the excess is, the cheaper the policy could be as a result. However, it is important to make sure the individual is happy with the level of excess chosen. A small excess could be easier to pay in the event one needs to be paid. This could however mean the monthly premiums are higher.

Factors that may potentially affect the premiums offered

Rod Bike ImageA biker may have control over some of the factors that come into play when they are looking for a cheap motorbike insurance policy. For instance, the amount they ride their bike (the mileage they complete per year) could have an effect on whether they might get motorbike insurance cheap offers. However, not all elements could be controlled by them. Their age may play a part, as will their previous history.

Another element that may be controlled by the individual is the type of bike they choose to ride. It could be important to compare different bikes, as some could be far more expensive to insure than others. This could have a bearing on the motorbike someone chooses to buy.

Checking exclusions

There could well be exclusions included with each insurance policy found. When someone prepares to compare motorbike insurance, they might want to check for exclusions to make sure the policy is right for them. Some could well be included on every policy though. A good example would be racing a motorbike, which could incur a fine and a number of points put on a person’s licence. No insurance company is likely to make a payment if someone caused damage or wrote off their bike while racing. That individual could also expect higher premiums when they renew their insurance.

Motorbike insurance for specific groups of people

Each biker could receive quotes depending on who they are, their age and gender and a variety of other factors. As such, some may receive higher quotes than others. Young bikers generally have higher premiums because they are deemed more likely to be involved in accidents. The make and model of the motorbike owned may also lead to cheaper or more expensive premiums. A lack of experience of biking, not to mention a string of convictions, may also have a significant effect on the premiums granted to a particular rider.

The importance of making an online comparison

This could be the most important element of all to consider when someone is searching for a decent quote. There are specialist companies providing motorbike insurance, as well as those who are well-known in the marketplace. By shopping online, many bikers may stand a better chance of getting a more competitive quote for their bike insurance cover.

Bikers who read through the information given here and consider how they might be able to reduce their premiums may be able to do just that. Searching online may be faster than phoning around lots of different companies. Furthermore, using a comparison site means the possibility is there to take advantage of software that is set up to help find the cheapest and most competitive quote.

Bikers should remember that the cheapest quote may not be the best. However, they could save a significant amount of money by gaining a greater understanding of how bike insurance is worked out.

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