Dash Camera Promotion Information

Information about our dash camera giveaway


What is a dash camera?

A dash camera is an in-car digital camcorder which is designed to be mounted on your car windscreen and has a wide angle lens to capture footage of the field-of-view which is in front of the car.

How do I get my free dash camera?

Once you have purchased your car insurance through CompareNI.com you must claim your dash camera by filling out a claims form within 30 days. Click here to claim your dash camera.

I have claimed, how long will it take before I receive my dash camera?

Your free dash camera will be sent out to the UK address specified during the claim process and within 90 days from the date we receive confirmation from the relevant third party product provider that the purchase has been made. However, we would usually find that if you purchase one month you should receive your dash camera at the end of the following month.

I purchased and have not got an email to claim my dash camera

You should have received and email with your cheapest quote, you can find a link in this email to the claims form. Alternatively click here to claim your dash camera.

Why are we giving away free dash cameras?

As a thank you for purchasing car insurance through CompareNI.com you are entitled to a free dash board camera.

How do I qualify for a free dash camera?

In order to get a free dash camera you must purchase a car insurance policy through CompareNI.com and claim your free dash camera within 30 days by submitting your claim at the following page: www.compareni.com/claim-your-dash-cam.htm. To see our terms and conditions for more information click here.

What do I get with the dash camera?

The camera will come supplied with an 8GB memory card along with charger, USB cable, windscreen suction mount, and instruction manual.

Will I get notified when I make a claim for my camera?

You should receive an email confirming that you have submitted your claim. Please note this is only a confirmation email that we have received your claim not that your claim has been successful.

How do I know when I will receive my dash camera?

You should receive an email notifying you that your dash camera has been dispatched, please allow up to 3 weeks after receiving this email for your camera to arrive.

It’s been over 90 days and I have not received my dash camera.

If you purchased your car insurance through CompareNI.com and claimed a dash camera www.compareni.com/claim-your-dash-cam.htm within 30 days after purchasing, then please contact us directly via email moc tod inerapmoc ta liam

What’s the difference between a dash camera and a black box?

Some insurers will offer a black box as a condition of your insurance policy. A black box is a small device which records speed, distance travelled and the time of day or night that you are on the road. The information collected is used to record your style of driving and therefore can impact your insurance quote. A dash camera is simply a camera that you can connect to your car dashboard and use to record the road ahead. The footage recorded on your dash camera can only been seen by you unless you choose to upload it to YouTube or share a video on your social media pages with family and friends. CompareNI or any associated partners will not have access to the footage you record on your dash camera.

How do I setup my dash camera?

You can find setup instructions at the following page: https://www.compareni.com/dash-camera-setup.htm

Can CompareNI or any associated partners see the dash camera footage I record?

No. As mentioned above only you will be able to watch the footage you record on your dash camera unless you choose to show it to anyone else. Your dash camera will not be connected to CompareNI or any other associate partner. We are giving you a dash camera as a reward for purchasing your car insurance through CompareNI therefore you can use your dash camera however you choose.

What do I do if my dash camera is faulty or damaged?

In the unlikely event that you receive a dash camera which is faulty please notify us as soon as possible by emailing moc tod inerapmoc ta liam and provide us with full details of the fault. We will send you a replacement dash camera within 30 days of the faulty dash camera being received by us, subject to stock availability. You will accept the cost of return postage. Please note, We cannot provide you with a cash equivalent refund or any other form of alternative dash camera if you are not satisfied with the replacement dash camera sent to you.If your dash camera appears to be badly scratched please be sure to remove the plastic seal on the front and back faces of the camera. It is not always apparent that the seal is there to be removed. For more information you can visit our setup page.

Can I use the dash camera as evidence in a claim?

If you happen to be in a car accident and your dash camera has recorded the footage you may be able to use it as evidence in a claim. We cannot guarantee you that the dash camera footage will be accepted by the insurance provider. However, there have been known cases of insurers accepting dash camera footage. If you happen to capture a dangerous driver on your dash camera you could send this to the police and they may use it as evidence in a case against the driver.