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Quick and efficient. Good breakdown if cover best suited to my needs. Got an excellent deal overall.

Edel, Northern Ireland, 28-Mar-14

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Breakdown Cover for Motorists in Northern Ireland

Use to find cheap breakdown cover in Northern Ireland!

When you are driving from A to B, the last thing you tend to think about is your car breaking down at the side of the road, but as a Northern Ireland motorist, this is something that should be a high priority, should the worst happen on your daily travels! can help when you are searching for the right breakdown cover to compliment your existing car insurance policy. We only show breakdown cover quotes from companies who provide insurance in Northern Ireland.

Getting a breakdown insurance quote from is absolutely free, and the premiums that you get back on our results page have no extra charges added on to them – we simply show you the policies direct from the brokers and insurers, and then the choice is yours! When you are ready to move from our comparison results to the insurer’s website, you can choose to buy online from the insurer’s website, or you can buy by phone instead. has been built with you, the Northern Ireland car driver, in mind; we only show you insurers that WILL quote for NI drivers, which can sometimes be frustrating on other comparison sites. So, if you are fed up with car insurance deals that ‘exclude Northern Ireland’ look no further, and get a quote from us today!

Breakdown Insurance Guide

Even the most reliable of cars might break down occasionally. While some people are adept at fixing basic problems, they may not be able to do so all the time. Having breakdown insurance NI may provide peace-of-mind for anyone who travels a lot, and even for those who only drive shorter distances.

The advantages of breakdown cover

Many drivers have breakdown cover – and they only need to use it once to realise just how vital it is in helping deal with breakdowns. Being unable to start their car at home is bad enough, but at least the car is safe outside their house or on the drive. If they were to break down on a motorway, on holiday or hundreds of miles from home, the challenge of resolving the issue could be far more difficult.

When someone has breakdown cover, they have only to call a number to know someone is on their way to help. That peace-of-mind could be worth a significant amount to many people – especially lone travellers and parents with children in the car.

In short, anyone who travels by car regularly, or has a car that may not be as reliable as it used to be, could potentially benefit from looking to compare breakdown insurance in order to find a good deal.

Different kinds of breakdown cover

There are different options any driver could choose from in this situation. Any driver considering this form of insurance should perhaps compare them to understand what is being offered, and which one might be right for them.

Roadside assistance:

If someone breaks down while driving somewhere in the UK, this type of cover should ensure someone comes out to the vehicle and tries to get it going again. If this is not possible, they could take the vehicle and the driver (and any passengers) to the nearest garage.

Home assistance (sometimes referred to as home start):

It may be easier for an individual to get assistance for their vehicle if they try and start it at home and cannot do so. However, many people might pay extra for home assistance as it means someone will come out to see what the problem is. This option may offer a certain radius from that person’s home – i.e. a quarter of a mile – for the insurance to be valid.

Vehicle recovery:

This is the next step up from roadside assistance. The driver can call for assistance and if nothing can be done on the spot, they could be taken back home along with their vehicle. Alternatively, if the driver is going elsewhere and wants to complete the journey (i.e. they are going on holiday) the cover might ensure they can be taken there instead.

Onward travel:

This is another step up from vehicle recovery. Basically, the driver in this situation might be able to take advantage of being provided with a replacement hire vehicle for the duration of the time needed to fix their vehicle. This kind of breakdown insurance Northern Ireland may be the most advanced of them all. It may provide the most convenience in a situation where a car cannot be fixed at the roadside and could require more time for the problems to be resolved.

European cover:

This may be worth considering for anyone who drives on the Continent on a regular basis. A standard breakdown policy may only provide cover for a vehicle in the UK. If someone had this cover and they drove abroad, they may well not be covered. It may be possible to get European cover provided as part of a regular policy; on the other hand, someone may have to buy additional cover for a one-off journey abroad, in case anything should go wrong.

It is a good idea to check the small print of any policy before buying

Every policy may have a series of exclusions that are included within the small print. For example, it may not be possible to recover a car following a car accident. Some policies could have a limit on the number of call-outs made in a single year, whereas others may have no limit. This is the kind of thing that could affect the amount paid for the policy each year.

Another possibility that may incur a limit is the amount of miles covered by that driver in a single year. By reading through the limitations and small print, the driver may be better-placed to consider the most appropriate policy for their needs.

How can someone find cheap breakdown insurance?

Cheaper policies may usually be the more basic ones. The more services a driver wishes to have, the more it may be likely to cost them. However, the peace-of-mind provided in such situations may be worth paying more for. This could be the case in situations where the driver travels a lot, or has an older vehicle that may be less reliable.

Performing an online comparison may be another good way for a driver to reduce the amount paid for a breakdown policy. Breakdown insurance cheap options are out there – it is just a matter of comparing the variety of options available and finding the one that is most appropriate in a particular situation.

While this is an optional form of insurance, many drivers have discovered how convenient it is to be able to call on someone in this situation. No one wants to be stuck in a broken-down car miles from home.

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